Prescription Drugs

In our times of instant gratification, prescription drugs are often rushed through the approval process by the Food and Drug Administration. In some cases, these prescription drugs are not tested for long term side effects or side effects in combination with other medications.

prescription-drugsThe victims of these speedy approvals are the patients who are prescribed these drugs with the full confidence of their doctors.

Unfortunately, the real guinea pigs are the patients taking the prescription medications. Before drug recalls are formally instituted, patients are left to suffer from disabling injury or death prior to the red flag to being issued to call back these killer prescription drugs.

The personal injury caused or the resulting wrongful death as a result of prescription drug use, is recoverable under the law.

A prescription drug negligence case can be filed under personal injury laws in Maryland. These laws cover prescription medications that develop side effects significantly in excess of those reported by the drug manufacturers.

This can also include pharmacists issuing the wrong prescription medicine or failing to identify a potentially harmful interaction between other drugs you are taking. The results are often dangerous drug interactions, serious illness or death. You are not to blame.

The victims in these cases are the members of the public, you and I, that place their confidence in big corporate America and the drug manufacturers to produce prescription medications that heal, not hurt.

Patients do not have to quietly suffer at the hands of corporate America. You do not have to accept the injurious reactions to these prescription drugs. Our personal injury lawyers will discuss your claim and take action against those who are to blame for your injury, the big drug manufacturers.

Personal injury law also covers injuries suffered by victims as a result of improperly manufactured medical equipment and devices, as well as, improperly labeled medications.

If a prescription of any sort has been filled and significant injury resulted as a result of that prescription, a personal injury lawyer will help you file your claim and receive the monetary damages due you as a result of your injury.

prescription-drugs-lawDon’t wait, prescription drug claims are very serious business. If you have suffered due to a prescription drug injury, contact our personal injury lawyers today. Taking a pill or using a prescription device should not mean gambling with your life. Lawyers in personal injury law and prescription medication know your rights and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

When prescription drugs are “fast tracked”, drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies make millions and millions of dollars before any side effects are reported. The business of manufacturing drugs is all about the bottom line for big corporate America.

That bottom line should never mean causing injury to the people who are seeking help. You are the victim and we can help you.