Products Liability


When a product is placed in the hands of a consumer, there is a legal pact created between the manufacturing company of the product and the consumer that said product will be free from any defects.

defective-productsOccasionally, defects go unnoticed in production and as a result, the products are recalled or returned to the store by the consumer. In other cases, the defect causes personal injury to the individual using the product. This harm places the manufacturing company legally at fault for the resulting injuries.

In order to file a product liability claim, you do not have to be the consumer who purchased the product. Products given as gifts or even loaned to someone else which cause personal injury to the user, are also considered under the product liability claim law.

Proving a product liability claim involves collecting significant evidence to hold the manufacturer accountable for the defect. This proof must then be presented in court in order to recover financial compensation for the consumer.

The manufacturer will undoubtedly fight the claim and this is where a product liability expert is needed. Personal injury lawyers and our product experts are the solution. Together, we have the knowledge and resources to present your case in court against big corporate America.

The most common personal liability claims involve:

  • Prepared food products (restaurants and grocery stores)
  • Grocery food products
  • Makeup or cosmetics
  • Baby and children supplies
  • Automobiles

When assessing the injuries related to a product liability claim, make sure to tell your personal injury lawyer about all personal injuries, as well as, damage done to your personal property.

Not all product liability claims are associated with an injury to the body. Many are filed in association with damage to personal property. Our personal injury lawyers will work with you to ensure you receive the highest levels of compensations due from the manufacturer.

Consumers must also remember, if you have filed a personal liability claim with the company on your own and they have offered you a settlement amount, there is more that they are not telling you. Manufacturers often know about defective products before any personal liability claims are filed.

In these cases, the manufacturer will often provide a low sum financial settlement to the consumers filing claims instead of recalling the entire line of a product.

A manufacturer only offers a settlement to consumers who have a valid legal case, so call our personal injury lawyers today and let us help evaluate your claim at no cost or expense to you.