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If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation or other personal injury we are available to assist you in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Our experienced and aggressive trial lawyers are available nights and weekends to consult with you about your case at no charge to you as there is never a fee until we recover for you.

Our office is fully set up for remote communication if you prefer not come in.  However, if it is desirable to meet and you cannot come to the office, we can come home and hospital visits as necessary. It doesn’t matter what day it is, give us a call and put our injury team to work protecting you and your family. Our experienced trial lawyers have an established record of successfully navigating the law to enforce our client’s legal rights. 

Whether you need help with a personal injury accident or DUI/criminal matter, we are here when you need us. If you are visiting us for a motor vehicle accident, personal injury or medical malpractice case, our accident lawyers have been litigating accident injury cases for nearly three decades and we are prepared to aggressively fight the insurance company to protect your legal rights to obtain a fair and appropriate recovery. Unlike so many firms, our trial attorneys won’t just take what the insurance company offers; we will fight for you. We understand insurance companies are greedy and only care about their bottom line and not the injuries and harms their insured caused you and your family. We understand their denial and stall tactics and will fight through that to hold them fully responsible for the injuries caused.

If you are visiting our site for the first time because you were just involved in a car or motorcycle accident, we know you have many questions.  We have answered many basic questions further down this page for your convenience.  Some common questions are:

– Who is going to be responsible for the payment of my medical bills? 

– How am I going to pay my bills if I’m out of work?

– Is there any compensation I can readily obtain to replace my lost wages? 

– What is the fastest way for me to get my car fixed? 

Can I retain my car if the car was totaled in the collision? 

How is the value of my case determined? 

I have experienced permanent injury through no fault of my own, how is this going to be compensated? 

Is my insurance settlement taxable by the IRS? 

We have answered these questions and more on our website in order to give you perspective on your case; however time is of the essence in order to setup the claim with insurance and to contact witnesses in your case before the insurance company gets a hold of them and attempts to spin the witnesses in their favor.  To that end, it is important to setup your claim quickly, and it is imperative that you not speak directly with the insurance company because they record what you tell them and they ask questions engineered to question the fault of the case and to minimize the nature of your injuries.  It is important not to give them any recorded statement and not to discuss your case with them at all.

We are available to help you now. Call for immediate help or click the image below that corresponds to the type of case you have for additional information. If you prefer to read this site in Spanish, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Accidents

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Personal Injury Attorney – Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Baltimore, MD

Car Accident Lawyer – We Stand And Fight For You

Have you been injured in a car wreck? We have helped hundreds of injury victims get compensated from vehicle accidents. Let the top accident law firm help you today.

If you or a loved one have experienced any of the following in a car accident call us right now; wrongful death, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, fractures, herniated discs, brain damage, surgery, rotator cuff tear, head trauma, or other permanent injuries. You are injured, and you have legal rights which we will aggressively enforce for you. It is important to note that the insurance company is not in the business of giving money away and they are not your friend, so they will not be helpful. You may find them to be belittling and frustrating, conveniently forgetting that you are the victim in this car accident case caused by their insured’s negligence. To that end, do not accept any low ball/settle your case now type offers which are only offered to get to go away early.

Key Questions After a Maryland Car Accident

Do I need to hire a Maryland-based accident lawyer?

Yes, even if you know a lawyer in another state, if your car accident occurred in Maryland it’s important to hire a Maryland personal injury lawyer for insurance company purposes. Your insurance company know when lawyers cannot practice law in Maryland and can use it against you. Robinson & Associates is based in Maryland, and we understand how Maryland differs from other states. Our intricate understanding of how insurance companies and the courts work has equipped us to navigate your case for your utmost benefit.


What do I do if I was the victim of a hit and run? Can I still file a claim?

Yes, you can and should still file an insurance claim if your accident was a hit and run, because unfortunately this happens more than you would think. Not only will we advise you to make a police report so they can try to find who was responsible, but we will advise you to share the honest truth with your insurance company because the car accident was not your fault. If they believe it was your fault, you will not get the maximum compensation necessary to pay back your property damage, personal injuries, and workers compensation.


Do I still need a lawyer if the car accident was not my fault?

Absolutely. Even if the insurance company offers you a claim the day after the accident, they will likely only offer $2,500, which may not be nearly enough to cover all of your medical and property damage expenses. When an insurance company makes an insurance claim offer, they never offer maximum compensation unless a lawyer is working on the case for you. Worse, many insurance companies may offer the claim quickly, but then you may experience major delays in actually receiving the money. The insurance company has all of the power in this case. We will work with you to make sure your money is paid quickly and on time — and that it’s the exact amount of money required to recoup costs from medical expenses and property damage.


What is my car accident case worth?

Your case value equation is very hard to determine and, as you can imagine, it can only be judged with the proper amount of information. It depends on your injuries and the medical expenses they ensue. It’s important to take diligent notes and documentation of the injury and advice from the doctor to determine the financial worth of your personal injury claim, including what workers compensation should be rewarded as an extent of your personal injuries.


Should I speak to Defendant’s Insurance?

Absolutely not. Your attorney should handle all conversations with your insurance company. Defendant’s Insurance is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing: you think you’re getting help, but everything you say can and will be used against you so that the insurance company can get out of paying you what you’re owed. Whatever you do, be sure your accidents lawyer navigates that conversation on your behalf.


What is a PiP? Do I need one?

A PiP stands for Personal Injury Protection, and is an add-on option for your insurance policy. The standard coverage addition can be around $2,500 for medical bills and lost wages. It’s important to make a claim for PiP even if the accident was the other person’s fault – it’s essentially “free money” you can claim in the case of an auto accident.


Can I make a claim if I don’t know who hit me?

Yes, you can make a claim against your own insurance company when you are hit by “a phantom driver”. A phantom driver is a car that hits your car and then takes off without giving you any information; this, of course, is against the law but it happens all too frequently. If you suffer injuries and damages either to your car or to your person as a result of this accident you should proceed forward just like any other accident in terms of seeking proper medical attention and seeking competent counsel to help you sort through the maze in order to receive fair and appropriate compensation.

Your insurance company cannot and will not raise your rates because you made a claim like this because the accident is not your fault and when the accident is not your fault they cannot increase your insurance premiums.

It is wise to call the police and at least make a claim or police reports when this happens to document for the insurance company what happened and when it happened so as to satisfy their curiosity of these types of claims.


How much do you get for pain and suffering in a car accident?

When it comes to calculating your car accident damages, we can review your medical bills, pay statements, and other documents showing expenses.

Auto Accident Law firm – Get Your Free Consultation Now

Have you been personally injured in a motor vehicle accident? Our lawyers do not charge unless we win.

If you or a loved one have experienced any of the following in a car accident call us right now; wrongful death, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, fractures, herniated discs, brain damage, surgery, rotator cuff tear, head trauma, or other permanent injuries. You are injured, and you have legal rights which we will aggressively enforce for you. It is important to note that the insurance company is not in the business of giving money away and they are not your friend, so they will not be helpful. You may find them to be belittling and frustrating, conveniently forgetting that you are the victim in this car accident case caused by their insured’s negligence. To that end, do not accept any low ball/settle your case now type offers which are only offered to get to go away early.

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Experiencing personal injury from a motorbike crash can cause catastrophic and permanent damages – we take on the insurance providers and get you compensated. We have helped motorcycle accident injury victims who have suffered a head injury, brain injury, and other bodily harm with millions in settlements.

Victims of Maryland motorcycle accidents require immediate and adequate representation by a law firm that understands the unique issues in motorcycle accident cases. Mr. Robinson is a motorcycle riding attorney, and he understands how to investigate appropriately, document and recover for the variety of damages both physical and financial that an injured rider will face.

Truck Accident Injury Lawyers – Robinson & Associates of Baltimore

If you have been in a trucking accident with either a tractor-trailer, 18 wheeler, or another type of truck, our attorney’s will help you get compensated. Truck wrecks often result in critical injuries to the people involved. It can be a traumatic experience, and The Law Office of Robinson & Associates are here to help.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, you may have a right to recover money for your medical costs and other losses. The truck accident lawyers of Robinson & Associates represent tractor trailer accident victims throughout the country. Contact us now, and we’ll discuss your legal options for obtaining money for the losses you have suffered in a trucking accident.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Near You

It is critical you hire a cyclist lawyer if you have been hit either bike on bike, by a car or other vehicle as soon as possible at your location of the incident. We have helped people understand the legality behind bike law and when you can take legal actions against the person or persons who struck you.

Our attorneys at Robinson & Associates of Baltimore have specialized knowledge regarding all aspects of bicycle accident cases, especially cases with unique situations, such as Maryland vehicle laws about bicycle riders, roadway design as it relates to bicycle riders, accident reconstruction, faulty or bad bike design and bike manufactured parts tolerance levels. These are unique issues specific to bicycle accidents.

Dog Bite Attorney

Our law firm has helped many obtain the proper compensation for dog bite settlement cases over the past decade. We understand the mental trauma that can come from a dog attack when suffering physical abrasions along with the long-term physiological complications. Robinson & Associates is here for you 24/7 to assist you.

When an unprovoked dog attack occurs in Baltimore, Maryland, it is the owner of the dog that is responsible for the injuries if the animal falls within a class of dangerous animals or if the owner knew or should have known about the dog’s dangerous propensity. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from a dog bite or a domestic animal attack, it is essential for you to understand your legal rights.

Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in the Baltimore, MD Area

Birth Injury – Has your child been injured at birth? Was the hospital or staff at fault for causing any of the following: cephalohematoma, brachial plexus palsy, Vacuum Assisted Delivery Error, and experienced birth trauma?

A birth injury can result before, during, or after delivery, and birth injuries can be minor or severe. Some birth injuries heal without medical intervention or much discomfort to the child or parents. Other birth injuries have serious, life-long consequences for both the child and his or her parents.

Cerebral Palsy

Even though it is reported that medical malpractice causes a few cases of Cerebral Palsy, Cerebral Palsy is a high price for anyone to pay for a doctor’s mistakes or negligence. Not only is the child’s quality of life severely impacted and his or her future compromised, but it has been estimated that the lifetime cost of caring for a child with cerebral palsy is well into the millions of dollars. The financial burden to the family and caretakers of children affected by this disabling birth injury can be overwhelming.

Erb’s Palsy

Many times birth injuries such as Erb’s palsy occur because the doctor or nurses did not provide the proper care and treatment necessary during labor and delivery. When licensed healthcare providers fail to provide adequate and appropriate treatment and birth injuries occur, the health care providers can be held liable for damages. Our Maryland Medical Malpractice firm can help parents review their case to determine if there is a case of malpractice.

Criminal Justice Attorney – Your DUI Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland

Often a DUI or DWI can be reversed. Look here for ways you can overcome your drunk driving accident and understand the facts behind the topic. One of our defense attorneys will increase the likelihood of keeping your CDL, government clearance, and exclusive license by preparing an adequate defense.

In Maryland, DUI and DWI (Driving While Impaired) are severe offenses with potentially long-term consequences; however, rest assured all is not lost merely because you were charged. Immediate action by an experienced and trial-tested DUI defense team can have a controlling and positive impact on whether your case is resolved successfully and your job and family are protected.

Lawyer – Car Accident Lawyer

The law firm of Robinson & Associates of Baltimore has over 30 years of experience dealing with the following areas.

Car, Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle accidents in all of Maryland

The police will visit the scene of the accident to take your statement and prepare a report. You should be careful regarding the kind of statement you make at the scene since it will be used as evidence later in the case. It is not advisable to admit fault at this point. If you are not sure about what to say, get in touch with an auto accident attorney to avoid making any mistake early in the case. Fault may initially appear clear to you based upon your perspective, but sometimes things are not as clear as you think. Maybe something happened that you are not aware of or didn’t see and this can change the legal outcome of the case. Sometimes independent witnesses may have something to add that you could not have known and therefore it’s best not to admit fault or assign fault right away.

Law Firm – Medical Malpractice Law

Any type of following birth injuries can be due to medical negligence:

Cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and shoulder dystocia can be due to medical negligence and incredibly difficult on the family involved.

Negligent surgical mistakes result in medical malpractice claims because the resulting pain and financial damages are generally long-term and significant. If any doctor, nurse or hospital has been negligent with your care and this negligence resulted in a worsening of your condition, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Proving a case of surgical mistake or negligence in court can be a difficult task. Experts will need to go over many pages of medical records in order to build a solid case against the medical parties, doctors and surgeons associated with your care.

Trial Attorney – We take the long road on personal injury cases

Many times the following result in a trail where our lawyers present the facts and go against the insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, etc. to get you a victorious verdict.

Workers Comp, Wrongful death, Accident Cases

We are trial lawyers through and through, meaning we don’t just try to settle cases as quickly as we can – we thoroughly prepare each case as if it was going to trial. Sizeable corporate insurance companies are going to try and get you to sign off on things as quickly as possible to try and save themselves as much money as possible. Never sign anything without first consulting with your attorney. There are many reasons that a trial attorney can work to deny you the compensation that you deserve, so it’s in your own best interest to hire a personal injury attorney.

General Practice Attorney – Accident Lawyers

It can be quite terrifying to be involved in a car accident. You might have sustained physical injuries as well as damage to your vehicle. Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident can be incredibly stressful, and you might worry about how this is likely to affect your life financially.

A lot of negative things can come out of being involved in an accident that affects your daily life. Whether you need medical treatment, your vehicle has been damaged, or you are not able to work and are losing substantial money, all these can affect your ability to care for both you and your family.

Insurance Attorney – We fight the insurance companies in all personal injury cases

The insurance company after your accident or malpractice negligence. It is in their best interest to give you the lowest amount possible.

One common mistake that people make after being involved in a car accident is taking too long before getting in touch with their insurance company. The quicker you contact your insurance provider, the higher your chances of receiving compensation for the damage. If you contact your insurance provider early enough, they will have sufficient time to investigate the case before evidence is destroyed and it is an excellent way to ensure prompt compensation. The insurance company and countless resources available to investigate claims, take pictures, interview witnesses, locate people, etc. So if you tell them timely about a claim they can provide assistance in many cases. However, if speaking to the offending insurance company about a car accident, we suggest limited communication and letting your lawyer handle that. Also, refrain from giving the offending insurance company any recorded statement. They will only endeavor to use that against you down the road.

Social Security Attorney – Get Disability Benefits

Folks do not expect to be injured, and if we think about injury or accidents, we generally do not dwell on the possibility of being in an accident severe enough to prevent us from working. Most people do not think about becoming so severely ill they are unable to work at any job. However, statistics show there are a significant number of people who, due to injury and/or illness, have a condition that is so severe they are unable to work at any job. People who have a severe condition which has continued, or is expected to last at least 12 months, or results in death, may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Legal Services – Injury Law

There are different definitions of injuries in the courts of law. A Long-term injury is an injury that could disable you for a year or more. This could also include rehabilitation therapy to learn how to use an injured limb properly after a severe injury. A permanent disability, on the other hand, is an injury that could potentially last for the remainder of your life and keep you from being able to work again in your field of expertise or any area for that matter.
The attorney may even subpoena medical professionals during the court proceedings to show that you are severely injured and due to such compensation due to your injuries that you incurred in an accident.

Great Things To Do When You Visit Owings Mills MD With Your Family

Part of Baltimore County, Owings Mills is considered the headquarters of the Baltimore Ravens. While it’s a CDP and not a city, it’s home to over 30k people. There are also some great activities and things to do there whether you’re visiting or relocating to Owings Mills. Let’s talk about some of those places of interest.

Before we get started, I also wanted to mention that one reputable source ranked Owings Mills as one of the best 100 places to live back in 2008. It’s something when a city or CDP can make it on that type of list out of all the places to live in the country. Okay, now it’s time to get to those places to visit.

Soldier’s Delight Natural Environment Area is one of those places, and the address is 5100 Deer Park Road. There are nature trails there, and you will also find a visitors center. It’s said to make for a fun family adventure, and people say that there are beautiful flowers during the summer.

Irvine Nature Center is another excellent area for families. You will find this nature center at 11201 Garrison Forest Road. People host birthday parties there, the staff is said to be very friendly, and the area is quite beautiful. There are a total of two nature trails.

There is also Baltimore Sports & Novelty, Hubert V Simmons Museum of Negro Leagues Baseball Inc and Pump It Up. Those are just three more places you might want to visit. There are others as well, including a day spa. What all are you looking to get into in Owings Mills? The Baltimore County CDP is a lovely place to visit, and I think you’re going to agree. Just wait to see what all you end up doing in Owings Mills MD.

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