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Whether you need help with a personal injury case or DUI/criminal matter, we are here when and where you need us, right now. If you are visiting us for a motor vehicle accident, personal injury or medical malpractice case, our accident lawyers have been litigating accident injury cases for nearly three decades and we are prepared to aggressively fight the defendant and their insurance company for you. Unlike so many firms, our trial attorneys won’t just take what the opposition offers, instead we will fight for you. We understand insurance companies are greedy and only care about their bottom line. We understand their stall denial tactics and will fight through that for you.

If you need immediate help and guidance with a DUI or Criminal matter, our former prosecutor and public defender will fight to protect your driver’s license and to obtain the very best resolution for your case. We have been aggressively defending DUI and criminal cases in Maryland for 25 years, and we can help you.

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