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What you need to know:

1. Do NOT speak with their insurance company. No recorded statements. They may contact you & pretend to help but please remember, they are not on your side. Their interests are not consistent with your interests. The insurance company has reduced the denial and low ball payments of automobile claims to a science. At every avenue in your case they will do what they can to take advantage of the situation. So for example, in a simple recorded statement, they will use whatever you say against you later on in the litigation. After you done treating they will take forever to evaluate your claim and then make a low ball offer knowing that you are tired of waiting. Too many people take this money because they are tired of waiting or because they need the money. The insurance industry knows this and takes advantage of injured victims. Don’t fall prey to their tricks and gimmicks.

2. Please get and keep the identity, address & number of all persons involved in the accident including witnesses. Do not rely on the police to do that for you. Get tag numbers from all such persons. Unfortunately the police don’t always do the best job at collecting information. Sometimes the police can even play a little favoritism based upon what they think happened and take more information from one witness then another. This can result in a slanted police report which on many occasions, is not accurate. Thus, it is important when you are involved in an accident to obtain as much information as possible including names and phone numbers of all witnesses. This also permits your attorney to contact independent witnesses in your case before the insurance company does because once they contact the witnesses, sometimes statements can be wrong, pressure can be applied, information can be lost, etc. It is important to contact your own counsel as quickly as possible following an accident and provide as much detail, information and pictures as possible.

3. Most importantly, seek immediate medical attention even if you think you may not be injured. You can sustain internal injuries and not be aware; they can be life threatening. We have seen many instances of people with head injuries for example that were not properly diagnosed or didn’t go to the doctor at all. Some folks with such injuries have actually died. There can be internal bleeding that is is not immediately apparent or other injuries. In any case, all injuries should be properly documented for the defense and for the jury to see. From the juries perspective, if an injury is not documented, it never existed so it is important to be checked out at the emergency room and to seek any follow up care that is recommended by the hospital. It is also important to keep all subsequent doctor visits and physical therapy appointments because the defense and the fact finder may not believe an injury existed if appointments are not kept. The defense always looks for gaps in treatment for example.

4. To learn other critical steps to take right now, download our Free Accident Fact Book.

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