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If you’ve worked in the construction industry, you’ll know how easy it is to slip or to pick something up at the wrong angle and to pull a muscle as a result. Usually this just results in a couple of days of taking it easy, and then you’re right as rain again.

However, sometimes a strain like this can cause what is known as delayed injury. The effects of delayed injury might set in months or even years later, but the location of the pain will make it clear which accident was to blame.

Delayed injury symptoms can include chronic muscle pain, interfering with your sleep and often making work impossible. It’s a serious problem, but what can you do about it? How can you make a claim when the accident which caused it was so long ago? This is where a construction accident lawyer can help.

A construction accident lawyer can assist you in two ways. Firstly, they can arrange for you to see a doctor who will be able to confirm the probable cause of your injury. Secondly, they can track down the people you were working for at the time and investigate their insurance policy. As part of this process, they can help you find witnesses who will testify to the circumstances surrounding your accident. You can then pursue compensation just as you would in an ordinary case of workplace injury.

The effects of delayed injury can be crippling, so don’t suffer in silence. Just because an accident takes a long time to manifest its full effects doesn’t make it less serious. Insurance and compensation policies exist to protect people like you in the event of a site injury, and they should apply no matter how much time has passed. So if you have a problem like this, consult a lawyer to get the support which is rightfully yours.

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