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When you’re traveling through urban areas at night, good street lighting is essential to safety. When you’re traveling on a bike, a vehicle which many drivers claim is invisible in broad daylight, it’s still more so.

Local officials have a duty to ensure that street lighting meets certain standards. Occasional temporary outages can be unavoidable, but repairs should always be made in good time. If this isn’t done, and if you suffer an accident as a result, you may have a case for compensation.

Many people don’t realize quite how serious the risks from unseen objects can be when you’re cycling. Bicycle accident lawyers , however, are highly trained specialists who understand the dangers you face to the point where they sometimes act as consultants on the proper provision of street lighting.

They can determine whether or not it was reasonable for you to expect a particular area to be lit, and how long any lights there had been out of action. They understand what you as a cyclist should and should not reasonably be expected to cope with, and they can help you to prepare your case.

Winning compensation after an accident isn’t just about cheering yourself up – it can be essential for taking care of medical bills and the cost of repairs to your bike. It also helps to teach those responsible a lesson, ensuring that they’re more careful in future. Too often, the safety of cyclists is dismissed as an issue of little significance.

Bicycle accident attorneys are there to make sure that the laws designed to protect people like you are properly upheld. You have as much right to travel around the city at night as anybody else. By taking your bicycle you reduce your risk of being attacked, so you shouldn’t have to balance that against the risk of an accident caused by poor lighting.

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