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Many cycling enthusiasts like to repair and maintain their bikes themselves, but this isn’t practical for everybody. Maybe you lack the mechanical skills or maybe you just don’t have the time.

One advantage of going to a bicycle repair shop is that you should be able to guarantee getting a professional job done. Unfortunately, when so-called professionals do substandard work, accidents can occur, and you’ll be the one taking the fall.

Substandard maintenance from supposedly professional outfits should not be tolerated. If you suffer an accident shortly after getting your bike back from the repair shop, bicycle accident lawyers can help.

Specially trained and experienced in this area, they’ll understand the mechanics of your bike and what kind of work you can reasonably expect when you take it in to be maintained or repaired. They’ll work with you to determine the cause of your accident and establish the proof you need to show a court who was at fault.

With the help of bicycle accident lawyers, you can sue incompetent repair shops to cover the cost of further repairs, medical expenses and loss of earnings caused by your accident. You may also be able to win compensation for the distress you have suffered. And you won’t just be helping yourself. You’ll also be encouraging the repair shop to provide better service to their future customers, helping to make cycling safer for others.

Hiring a specialist lawyer is much easier than it might seem, and it doesn’t need to be expensive – many lawyers won’t even take a fee unless you win your case. So don’t tolerate poor quality maintenance and repairs. When you pay for a job to be done, it should be done properly. Let your lawyer help you to send the message that you expect to be able to ride your bike in safety.

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