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There are over six million car accidents that occur annually within the United States. The state of Maryland alone averages three million car accidents annually with two million of those ending in permanent injury. Loss of limbs and becoming permanently paralyzed are only some of the permanent damages that are caused by auto accidents.

There are 40,000 deaths from auto accidents each year. Forty percent of these are caused from drunk driving, thirty percent from speeding and 33% from reckless driving. When it comes to drunk driving related accidents there are 36 alcohol related crashes per day. 1.6 of these crashes is fatal and 29 are injured.

Single vehicle accidents total up to are 41,901 crashes in a single year. With devastating statistics such as this it is no wonder why we see so many accident and injury attorney advertisements across our television screens. It is enough information you make you fear getting into your car and driving to your local grocery store.

Due to the increases in auto crashes insurance companies are now offering incentives to try and get drivers to go longer periods of time without getting into a crash or collision. Sad to say so many drivers in Maryland as well as across the nation are talking on cell phones, applying make up or eating while they commute that accidents are becoming a near epidemic.

How many accidents have to occur before we wake up and realize that we should concentrate when we are driving. Make it a priority to not answer your phone until you are parked and safe. In order to put ourselves in a better frame of mind as we drive, courses in defensive driving can help.

Take a safety course in driving and allow yourself to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings as you drive from point a to point b. You, your family and those around you will be thankful that you did.


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