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If you or a family member have experienced an injury due to a car, truck or motorcycle accident, slip and fall or product defect, you will quickly come to realize that the large corporate defense insurance companies will do everything within their power to delay, deny and defend against any subsequent injury or damage claim. In fact, the insurance industry has not left the claim to chance, even before an injury occurs corporate America has already launched an exhaustive battle to win the hears and minds of the jurors that will sit and judgment of your claim. That is called Tort Reform. And through Tort Reform and the insurance companies push to win the hears and minds of Americans, the majority of jurors walk into a court room already skeptical of the claim they are there to hear. This is a most unfortunate situation, however the defense often times ruins their own battle because of their steadfast denial of the most basic claims and injuries to the point that even jurors that walk into court with preconceived notions are slowly converted to see the truth of the dark evil that lurks under the surface of corporate America.

In serious injury cases resulting from negligent behavior such as a catastrophic trucking case causing life time injuries or a products liability case that causes severe problems, it is very important to retain the services of a law firm properly equipped to do battle against corporate America. The larger the claim, the more significant the damage, the more they will fight. The more experts they will bring into court, the more they will try to smear the Plaintiff. Basically, the more money they will throw at the matter to try to fight their basic responsibility. It’s a shame that they just don’t take that money and apply it to the injury they caused and everybody would come out ahead.

A qualified injury attorney will evaluate the specialized needs of each injured victim and prepare a course of action that is appropriate in order to seek fair and appropriate justice. At Bruce Robinson & Associates we are committed to fighting the insurance company games for you. Our trial attorneys and on staff medical professionals are ready to meet with you anytime go over your case and discuss how we can best help you. As part of our commitment to our clients we have medical professionals on staff and ready to assist in the evaluation and preparation of injury claims. The insurance company has not only financial resources but medical resources to fight claims so we feel it is important for us to have the same medical professionals to fight claims on behalf of our clients. We understand that the insurance industry is prepared to fight hard in order to avoid meeting their responsibility, and we are prepared to fight harder to win for you. As always, all personal injury cases are handled on contingency fee basis so there is no out pocket expense to you.

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