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It is a shame that even those that we hold to high esteem in society will cause injury to others through pure negligence. Doctors, teachers and government officials have been in the forefront of society and properly been deemed as respectable citizens, giving of themselves, their time and talent for the benefit of the community they live in. However, sometimes careless behavior by those that we are forced to trust can be very harmful. The teacher that is entrusted with our sons and daughters that engages in inappropriate and harmful relationships, the doctor that is late for an appointment that may operate faster then he should and causes harm to a loved one. The radiologist who doesn’t look carefully enough at an X-ray and misses a tumor that would have been life saving. These are all extremely difficult situations that should never happen but they need to be dealt with appropriately when they do in order for the injured party to have piece of mind and justice.

Teachers that allow a child to bully another child until a youth commits suicide. Hunters that go hunting while intoxicated and shoot a companion. Pure negligence causes that often times result in severe injury and even loss of life. These events are real and true and can happen to any one of us. When nonsensical injuries occur, we look for help from experienced trial attorneys to even the scales of justice and bring us the justice we rightfully deserve. Experienced trial attorneys mean many things, experience in the court room in front of jury and experience outside the court room when advancing your case against the powerful defense insurance companies. Remember, the defense is always protected by resourceful insurance companies that have endless resources to fight injury claims; it is important the trial counsel is equally prepared to fight the battle on your behalf.

Maryland personal injury attorneys are prepared to fight aggressively to win your case getting you the compensation you and your family deserve. Compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium and medical bills, to name a few damages. In serious and catastrophic cases life time care may be necessary in which case a life care planner is necessary to calculate the cost of future and long term care for the injured party. Such damages often times are in the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars to calculate over a lifetime.

When a case calls for the services of a life care planner to opine on the cost of life time care for doctors, nurses, therapist, prescriptions, changes in living accommodations, outfitted cars and wheel chairs these numbers can be very high, but the fact finder/jury must understand that it is the defendant that caused this injury to the plaintiff and they are solely responsible for that injury, meaning that their insurance company is solely responsible for that injury. Additionally, in certain cases when a life care plan is complete, sometimes expert testimony from an economist is necessary to reduce that number to present value since the original number covers a span of decades in the future.

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