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Using trains is a daily part of life for many people. It’s how they get to work, visit relatives, and do their shopping. For disabled people it’s all the more important, as, if they’re unable to walk far or to drive, it can often be the only practical way of getting about. In areas where the population is aging, there are more and more people in this group, yet train companies often treat them with disregard. By making travel difficult and unsafe for disabled people, they break the rule that trains should be there for everyone.

The ways in which disabled people are discriminated against by train companies are many and various. Often porters who are supposed to help with baggage are simply not available, or turn their attention to those likely to give big tips rather than those who really need them. Getting in and out of trains can be very difficult when relying on a stick and it’s often altogether impossible in a wheelchair.

Inside trains there’s not much space for wheelchairs to go; sharing the space between carriages with badly-stacked baggage can be dangerous. And for people who can walk but can’t bend their legs easily, cramped seating can be almost impossible to manage.

Railroad accident lawyer are there not only to deal with the myriad injuries which disabled people face in using trains, but also to make sure they’re not exposed to risk in the first place. It’s their job to take railroad companies to account when the theory of equal service gives way to the reality of an utter lack of support.

If you’ve had difficulty using your local train service on a frequent basis, because of your disability, don’t be afraid that the individual accidents you’ve suffered are not sufficient to justify bringing a case. Take your claim to a railroad accident lawyer and they’ll explain your rights, helping you win compensation not just for your direct suffering but also for the ongoing prospect of suffering which deters you from being able to exercise your right to travel.

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