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Boating is the kind of recreational activity that is coveted by many and thus it is not at all surprising that a new boat owner will suddenly find he or she has a cornucopia of new friends who are all hoping for an invite for an outing. Most boat owners do not mind inviting friends and acquaintances to accompany them for an excursions and many lasting friendships are built with the help of this wonderful hobby.
Unfortunately, when things go wrong and an accident occurs, the boat owner will suddenly realize that the downside of owning a boat is an immense liability that may cost her or him a home and almost all tangible assets! A Maryland boating accident attorney is often the last hope of the boat owner who realizes that she or he is just a few short steps away from suffering the entry of a judgment!

When a Maryland boating accident attorney is your only hope, the odds are good that someone is alleging your liability in an accident that might have caused a serious bodily injury or even the accidental death of a fellow boater or passengers.

Establishing causality on water is hard in the absence of many witnesses, and without skid marks to attest to your efforts to avoid the accident or other signs that tell a tale of being aware of an impending accident you sought to avoid, it is easy to be held liable.

As a boat owner, you will also be considered to have deep pockets and thus present an attractive target for lawsuits – whether you are at fault or not! It is crucial that you hire an experienced Maryland boating accident attorney at the onset of the proceedings to avoid any potentially prejudicial or otherwise harmful findings to become part of the court record!

It is only with the help of such an attorney that you may have the power to fight a wrongful claim or – in the alternative – defend against a rightful claim so as to minimize the liability you will be facing.

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