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Cancer Misdiagnosis
In a recent study it was determined that 1 in 10 cases of cancer is misdiagnosed, and in many of these cases the health of the patient is negatively impacted. The misdiagnosis of cancer by a medical professional is simply unacceptable. Because patients trust that their doctor will protect their health and provide timely treatments for their illnesses, it makes it that much more tragic when a doctor does not accurately diagnose cancer. Since cancer can be a deadly disease it needs to be detected and treated early. When doctors fail to make the correct diagnosis, the life of the patient may be jeopardized.

A cancer misdiagnosis can have devastating consequences for both the victim and their family. Victims of cancer misdiagnosis may find it hard to believe that one minute they are told they are healthy and have nothing to worry about, and the next minute they are in the fight of their lives. The change in a patient’s health status can occur quickly and without warning. Patients visiting their doctor for a routine medical examination may be given a clean bill of health only to be notified a few days or weeks later that they have cancer. Patients experiencing symptoms of illness may be given one diagnosis only to be told later that the first diagnosis was wrong and that the correct diagnosis is actually cancer. The delay in time between the wrong diagnosis and the right diagnosis can be crucial to whether or not a patient’s cancer can be treated successfully.

There are several reasons why cancer is often misdiagnosed, and most of these reasons are related to doctor error or negligence. One reason cancer is misdiagnosed is due to the misinterpretation of test results. While this is one of the major reasons cancer is misdiagnosed, the primary reason cancer is misdiagnosed is due to poor tissue sampling. Poor tissue sampling has been reported to be one of the most significant problems related to cancer misdiagnosis. Medical professionals that are trained to take tissue samples from patients are not correctly performing their job duties, and patients are paying the price as a result. In less severe cases, patients may be subjected to unnecessary tests or treatments due to cancer misdiagnosis. In other more injurious cases, the patient may face amputation of a limb or may die as a result of cancer misdiagnosis.

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