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Cerebral palsy, a condition that affects an individual’s ability to control their movements, affects approximately 10,000 infants each year. While most children are not officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy until between two and three years of age, many parents notice abnormalities in their child’s development prior to the diagnosis. Children may exhibit delayed development both physically and mentally. Because cerebral palsy is caused by abnormalities in the brain, children may not only face physical handicaps but mental handicaps as well. Cerebral palsy can result as a normal part of giving birth, either due to infection, blood disease, severe jaundice, or a number of other conditions. However, cerebral palsy can also result due to the negligence or mistakes of the physicians caring for both mother and baby before, during, or after birth. According to statistics, 3 out of every 1000 babies born are affected by cerebral palsy. If even one of these cases of cerebral palsy is the result of a mistake by the doctor, this number is unacceptable.

Children born with cerebral palsy often require special medical treatment and educational services. If parents are forced to pay these expenses out-of-pocket, parents face a potentially disastrous financial future. It is estimated that it costs approximately $500,000 over the course of a lifetime to care for child born with cerebral palsy. While this number may seem steep, the special services required by the child can include: physical therapy, surgeries, medication, supportive technology (customized wheelchairs, handrails, Velcro, and computer programs). These costs can add-up and cause significant strains and stresses to a family’s finances. Not to mention the emotional duress that results from caring for an individual with special needs on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis. Parents in Maryland or Washington D.C. that are facing this kind of situation should know that help may be available.

If a child’s cerebral palsy can be proven to be the result of a birth injury that occurred due to medical malpractice, the child and his or her family may be entitled to monetary remuneration by those responsible for the injury. Financial compensation may be awarded for the child’s injury as well as their pain and suffering. Because the consequences of cerebral palsy are great, the damages awarded are often great as well. Parents in Maryland or Washington D.C. that believe their child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis is the result of a birth injury should contact the law firm of Robinson and Associates. Parents can receive a free, no obligation consultation and obtain the expert guidance and legal counsel of the area’s premier medical malpractice attorneys.

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