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Do You Need a Lawyer
Proving the occurrence of nursing home abuse or neglect can sometimes be complicated. Families often encounter difficult and stubborn obstacles when attempting to obtain evidence of abuse or neglect or establishing its existence. Nursing home staff and the elderly individual’s doctor may less than forthcoming with vital information, and families efforts to demonstrate abuse or neglect are oftentimes frustrated. While there are several avenues that families have to report suspected abuse or neglect, these avenues sometimes yield little or unsatisfactory results. Due to these facts, it is generally in the best interests of the family and their elderly loved one to retain the legal expertise of an experienced and skilled attorney. An attorney will be able to provide the family with the sound legal counsel and guidance they need.

Families typically lack the time and resources necessary to conduct a thorough investigation regarding nursing home abuse. They may desire to find the evidence necessary to establish abuse, but due to other obligations, such as work, they may be unable to devote the time necessary to do so. An elderly individual’s abusers will not make it easy for the family to acquire the evidence they need. Therefore, having an attorney that can conduct a comprehensive investigation will be an invaluable resource for the family. An attorney, acting on behalf of the patient and family, can access medical records, interview potential witnesses, and uncover prior reports of nursing home abuse against the facility. A lawyer can work with the investigating agency to determine the type and extent of abuse or neglect to which the elderly individual was subjected.

While hiring an attorney in a nursing home abuse case is not required, it is highly recommended. If abuse or neglect is established, the victim and their family may be entitled to monetary compensation. A skilled and capable attorney can help victim’s and their families ensure that they receive adequate remuneration. Families should be aware that the nursing home facility and its representative will attempt to settle with the victim for as little as possible. However, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when determining a fair settlement. An attorney can assist families with this settlement amount in order to ensure the proper care of their loved one for years to come. Families that are considering filing a complaint for suspected nursing home abuse will want to seriously consider hiring an attorney for assistance.

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