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Nursing Home Abuse Cases
Nursing home abuse cases are becoming more and more common, and these are some of the most prominent types of medical malpractice cases. Nursing homes must be run according to strict regulations, and any violation of those regulations may be cause for investigation and litigation.

Nursing home abuse can refer to both active abuse of a nursing home resident and neglect of that resident. The abuse of a nursing home resident can take many forms. Physical or sexual assault is one example. Some nursing home residents are also given excessive amounts of medication, or sometimes, they are not given enough, both of which can have devastating consequences on their health. Nursing home abuse cases have also involved the residents being deprived of water or food, or being physically restrained to an excessive degree. Nursing home neglect can be committed if the nursing home staff is careless about administering the proper amount of medication, providing food and nutrition, changing the diapers of the residents, aiding them with maintaining individual hygiene, or keep them from harming themselves or being harmed by hazardous conditions within the nursing home facility.

There are many signs of nursing home abuse. Nursing home residents who are obviously undernourished, dehydrated, losing weight for no otherwise known medical reason, or who are suffering from skin rashes or infections may be victims of neglect. Residents who exhibit injuries such as cuts and bruises or even personality changes due to the trauma of their circumstances may be victims of physical abuse or assault.

Unfortunately, these types of cases often go unreported. It is often that the abuse or neglect is not discovered until the nursing home resident’s family members notice that something is wrong with their loved one, and they may have injuries that may not be immediately obvious. Many people who suspect that their loved one is experiencing neglect in a nursing home try to speak with nursing home staff realize that this does not garner them the results or answers they are seeking. If family members of a nursing home resident suspect abuse or neglect, and they are unable to find out what happened to their loved one from the nursing home staff, they should speak with a qualified attorney. Once the case has been submitted to the court, the nursing home will receive a written notification of the malpractice lawsuit.

According to Maryland law, plaintiffs in nursing home neglect cases are not entitled to sue for punitive damages, though that is an option in cases involving nursing home abuse cases.

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