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Suing After An Accident

A car accident is scary for all involved. There are many variables and people involved from the injured parties to the defendant, witnesses, police and medical providers. The number of cars, the number of passengers, injuries, and the damage to the vehicles are all things that come into play and determine how severe the accident is and thus what the financial compensation should be. The more serious the collision, the more traumatizing the accident can be. The police are involved and typically the paramedics. Sometimes even the fire department. Luckily for those involved, a vehicle accident can be something like a simple fender bender in a parking lot.

There are more than just those that were involved. Families and friends of those involved also have the surprise and heartache of dealing with someone they know being in a car wreck. They will worry about what happened if there was an injury and then the damage to the vehicle. It is scary news to hear when someone has been involved in a car accident, especially if there has been a serious injury.

When all the dust settles, there is still a lot to go over. Insurance claims, obtaining police reports, doctor’s visits, witness statements and retaining a lawyer. The stress of everything can be too much for some and many need guidance on how to deal large bills from the insurance companies or the hospital. This is where talking to a lawyer will be extremely beneficial.

The idea of a lawsuit can cause people to be apprehensive. There are many unknowns but speaking to a lawyer can help answers questions about a lawsuit. Insurance companies have their interests in mind and concentrate on the bottom line. They figure out how little they can pay on each claim to maximize their profits. Another reason to talk to an attorney about suing is if the other party involved did not have insurance.

There are a few things that should be done when thinking about whether to sue or not. The first is to make sure everything is documented. Take pictures of the car wreck. Lawsuits and insurance claims have been lost over a lack of evidence. It is important to make sure that copies are made of all formal documents. This includes bills for all things relating to the vehicle accident, police reports, and doctor notes. Other documentation would include reports for time missed from work and rental car statements.

You do not need this documentation to speak with a lawyer, but it will help when determining whether or not you want to file a lawsuit. Lawyers will be able to see all the evidence that you have and be able to make a better judgment on how to handle your case. Be sure to make a note of anything else that was noticed, what was said by your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company. When meeting with a lawyer, it is essential to make a list of questions that you have to ask them. It will help when deciding if suing is the best choice for your situation.

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