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How to Get the Maximum Settlement from a Car Accident
Every year there are many claims on car accidents. For you to get the maximum accident settlement from your insurance, you should know about the procedure and the people who are involved.

1. Call the Police

Make sure that either you, a witness, or the other driver has called a police officer. Talk to the police providing your honest statement of what happened. Insurance adjusters, usually speak to the police if there’s any question on the fault. If you don’t call the cops to the scene of the accident, the amount of your insurance claim might reduce.

2. Don’t Argue

You shouldn’t avoid arguing with the driver who was also involved in the accident, even if you think the car accident was their fault. If you argue with the other driver or get angry and lose your temper, it won’t fix your car. It could cause the other driver to get mad and even say that the accident was your fault; he could even decide to make thing hard for you by not cooperating with the insurance company.

3. Get Information

You are going to deal directly with the insurance company of the other driver. Because of this reason, you should gather specific information before leaving the accident scene, this includes:
• The name of the other driver
• The other driver’s license number
• The other driver’s contacts
• The other driver’s license plate number and vehicle type
• The insurance policy number of the other driver
• The name of car insurance company of the other driver
• The contacts and name of any witness to the accident. The witnesses can confirm your story. Ask them to give the police or you a statement.
• The contact and name of any police officer that has come to The scene of the car wreck.

3. Consider Hiring a Lawyer

You shouldn’t rush into a settlement. It can lead to a lower settlement. If the insurance company decides to offer you a settlement that doesn’t cover the repairs on your car, medical, or other expenses, you should consider hiring an injury lawyer who is professional. He can help you in negotiating with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit against the other driver if he was at fault in the car wreck. A personal injury lawyer can make you get the maximum settlement.

4. Check the Insurance Policy of The Other Driver

Two or sometimes more insurance companies get involved in the process of claims when a car accident occurs. Because of this, you ensure the policy for the other driver is not expired. If you see that the insurance policy is not under the name of the driver, you should get the contact information and the name of the insurance policy of the holder. You are going to be using this contact information when you need to communicate with the insurance company of the other driver. You’ll be capable of starting a car accident claim.

5. Go to the Hospital

A doctor should check you and document any injuries that you might have gotten from the accident. Even if you think that you aren’t injured, it’s important to get verification from a doctor. Many insurance companies usually use a software system known as Colossus in determining the value of your claim.
The system is based largely on your medical record’s contents, and allocate severity points to the injuries you have received to determine the amount you’re entitled to. Usually, broken bones and also other injuries that are easy to verify are given a value that’s higher. You should also keep track of all your medical treatment, and expenses that are related to your accident.

To conclude, make sure you keep every information and every single detail of the car wreck and after the accident because you’ll need to show them as proof to get the maximum settlement from the car accident.

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