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In the event of an accident, the authorities will try to determine the party to blame for the accident. This is called ‘who is at fault.’ Here, the insurance company will try to investigate by whose carelessness resulted in an accident. By doing so, they are trying to find who will pay for the damages and car wreck.

But what happens when who to blame is not clear? When this is the case, the parties involved in car accident will share the cost and when this happens, both parties’ insurers’ will now come in and determine the percentage of the liability to their clients.

When to contact a lawyer in case of an accident

In case you are involved in an accident, the circumstances of the car accident are what will determine if you need an attorney or not. If there’s no injury, then you probably won’t need an attorney.

But if any other person apart from you is involved in the accident, or the accident has caused you permanent injuries or possible stoppage of work and other duties, then you will need an attorney to file for claims and compensation against the other party.

You can also contact your attorney;
• when the accident resulted in a death
• occurred in an area under construction
• the police report doesn’t accurately capture what happened and may even claim you are to blame
• when limit of your insurance liability is less
• when your insurer rejects your claim by claiming you never paid the premiums
• Or even when the insurer calls their lawyer.

It is a wise decision to call your attorney in such cases to save you the hard time and the headache. You should never represent yourself in case of accident cases.

Very many things may turn against you if you decide to present your case unless you are trained in law, you will be doing more harm than good. If you do, the following may happen;

You may end up saying or doing something wrong that will turn against you later.

You may be under-compensated since you don’t know the worth of your case.

Your too much emotional involvement in the case may curtail the negotiation process due to your high and unrealistic expectations, but with an attorney, you’ll be represented well.

These are just a few of what a self-representing claimant may cause.

Lawyer’s payment

When you are hiring a lawyer who specializes in automobile accident cases, you will sign a contract stating that the attorney will receive a total percentage amount coming from ‘any and all’ he will represent you including your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) we mentioned earlier.

This involves whether you were to blame or not for the car wreck. If you are not to blame, your settlement by the other party may not be enough to pay all of your expenses including your attorney and doctors. And in such cases, your attorney will make claims against the other party insurer and also on your insurer for the PIP benefits.

PIP will come in handy in helping your attorney have more money to settle all the parties involved in your case. Whether your car accident attorney should take a cut from your PIP claim depends on his/her practices. Most attorneys will not get the payment unless the claimant is compensated.

Final thoughts

So you may be asking yourself if this is worth it. You remember earlier on we mentioned some situations that require immediate attention of your auto attorney. The rule of thumb is that the more serious the situation and extend of injury, the more why you need someone to represent you.

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