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Things to do after a motorcycle accident?

Sometimes when you are driving around on the freeway with nothing else to think about, you might wonder how a motorcycle rider can perform the tricks of zooming in and out of congestion without causing a car accident or even a bad car wreck. These motorcycle riders truly are the wizards of the pavement. For the most part they are safe riders or they certainly would not be able to get motorcycle insurance. Speaking of accidents if you ride on of those “2 wheelers” do you know what to do in a motorcycle accident? We bring that subject up because many times it’s not the motorcycle and rider who cause a car wreck or car accident on the streets and freeways, it’s the driver of that 4 wheeler monster, who’s texting, or on the cell phone who is not paying attention, jealous, or looking for paybacks after the motorcycle rider is out-of-sight while you still sit in that freeway congestion during commute.

All that said, here are several ways to drive around motorcycles:

* Follow the 2-second rule and give yourself a 2-second cushion behind other cars. This can prevent a lot of injury to everybody.
* Look before you turn especially at intersections. That’s where most collisions occur. Also, try get eye contact with the other driver.
* Check your blind spots. Most vehicles are larger than a motorcycle and can be hard to see.
* Respect Mother Nature. Snow, sleet or rain can end up being a killer.
* Be a pal on the streets and freeways. Don’t cut drivers off and give other vehicles a little slack. If you drive you probably know a car wreck and car accident will happen sooner or later. We all make mistakes. Don’t be the one who causes a serious injury.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident and not seriously injured and still on a major freeway, move to some safe area. You might also check the other vehicles driver to see if they are okay. Make sure you take plenty of pictures of the accident and the other party, and whatever you do, don’t admit fault or talk with any person until you have contacted a motorcycle accident lawyer. In other words: “ZIP IT.” Many of these professional lawyers specialize in motorcycle accidents and can assist you by making sure your legal rights are protected in your representation against the negligent people who are responsible for your injury.

If you were involved or injured or both in a motorcycle accident, your lawyer will inform you that you only have a limited amount of time to file any lawsuits. What that means is that all motorcycle injury claims are limited by what is called a statute of limitations that governs most all types of personal injuries. So it is crucial that you heed the advice of your lawyer and not waiver with getting started with an experienced lawyer.

Look folks, if you are a safe rider who strongly believe in caution, there is nothing more freeing than the sensation of two wheels on the open road. Unfortunately, other riders drive faster than the speed limit, often distracted or just not paying attention all of which can cause wrecks. Finally, no matter how safe you are on your motorcycle, there are still plenty of minefields that can lead to trouble. So, the next time you are out riding your motorcycle try and remember what leads to being involved in a motorcycle accident like these things:
* Failure to read any or all hazard signs.
* Inattentive Drivers. Make sure you don’t use the ploy: “They didn’t see me!”
* Poor communication when traveling with other motorcycle groups so you don’t crash into other bikers.
* Remember that the bigger the road the busier the traffic will be.

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