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Things to do after a motorcycle accident? Sometimes when you are driving around on the freeway with nothing else to think about, you might wonder how a motorcycle rider can perform the tricks of zooming in and out of congestion without causing a car accident or even a bad car […]

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What To Do If An Insurance Company Denies Liability, But The Accident Was Not Your Fault You’ve been involved in a car wreck and you’ve been injured, but you were not at fault. You’ve done all the right things to take care of this problem. You filed report to the […]

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What To Do When You Are Involved In A Motorcycle Accident Nobody prepares for accidents but they do happen. Motorcycle riders are usually more prone to accidents than motorists because they are more exposed. When a car accident involves a motorist and a motorcyclist, the latter usually sustains an injury […]

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Who Pays the injured party when Uber Driver is responsible for the accident? 1. A passenger contacts Uber, and an Uber driver picks up the passenger to be driven to a given destination. If there is a subsequent accident, who will pay the injured party? 2. Did the passenger suffer […]

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Top 7 secrets insurance companies do not want you to know about Car Accident Claims If you have ever tried to negotiate a car accident settlement with an insurance company then you will know how frustrating the process is. Insurance adjusters are paid negotiators who handle car wreck settlements on […]

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Maryland Dog Bite Lawyer Being attacked and bitten by a dog or other animal is a terrifying experience. Pre-fright trauma of the pending attack as well as the actual attack and efforts to defend against the dog, are all compensable in Maryland. It is important to immediately document all relevant […]

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Proper use of Maryland Article 10-104 The Maryland Appellate Court recently further clarified an important point regarding the admission of medical records into evidence without a sponsoring expert. In the “old” days, in order to submit medical record testimony into evidence, the plaintiff was required to bring a medical expert […]

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WHAT’S MY MARYLAND CAR ACCIDENT CASE WORTH? We get asked this question often and in virtually every car crash case we represent. The fact of the matter is, since there are so many variants involved to answer that, there’s no complete accurate answer. On the other hand, because the variants […]

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In today’s economic times, saving money is a top priority on everyone’s agenda.  One of the best ways to save money is to re-evaluate your insurance yearly.  This simple step may save you possibly hundreds of dollars.  Following these tips may help you to significantly cut the amount of money […]

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If you or a family member have experienced an injury due to a car, truck or motorcycle accident, slip and fall or product defect, you will quickly come to realize that the large corporate defense insurance companies will do everything within their power to delay, deny and defend against any […]

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