Get Help over Lost Load Traffic Problems

Losing your load is something no truck driver wants to have to deal with, but we can’t deny that it happens sometimes. No matter how carefully you check before you leave, there’s always the possibility that something will work its way loose, especially if you’ve been unable to supervise all the loading yourself and have had to rely on other people.

Fortunately, most load loss accidents don’t cause serious damage or endanger life. If you’re quick to respond and set up your hazard lights, you won’t usually represent a danger to other drivers. You can, however, cause delays, and that’s all it takes for some people to lose their rag.

As somebody who gets paid for being able to reach a destination in good time, you’ll understand the anger which comes with being stuck in traffic. However, if you’ve lost a significant amount of your load, there may not be much you can do about it.

Sometimes it’s just not possible for you to reload your truck by yourself, and sometimes you wouldn’t be able to make it secure even if you did. You may just have to sit and wait for help. But in the meantime, other drivers will blame you for what’s happened, and sometimes delayed drivers sue.

Trucking accident lawyer understand what it’s like to have to deal with a lost load. They can demonstrate to the courts that, provided you made the proper checks before you left your pick-up point, the loss is not your fault. If you’ve responded to the accident in a proper, responsible manner, you cannot be held to account for delays caused to others.

However, many truckers end up reaching expensive out-of-court settlements with aggrieved drivers because they don’t understand what their rights are, nor realize that there are people there to help. If you have a problem like this, you should see a trucking accident lawyer as soon as you can to clarify your situation and sort out any evidence which supports your case. Don’t end up paying for an accident which wasn’t your fault.