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Robinson & Associates car accident trial lawyers are ready to help you maximize your financial recovery now. It doesn’t matter what time it is, give us a call and put our proven trial team to work for you.  Our personal injury attorneys are experienced former defense lawyers and we are well positioned to navigate the insurance landmines for you.  Our Accident Lawyers have been litigating accident injury cases for over four decades cumulatively and we are prepared to take on the insurance industry and fight for you.  Unlike so many firms, our trial attorneys won’t just take what the insurance company offers, instead we will fight for you in court. Our relentless and aggressive trial advocacy both pre-trial and in court has resulted in countless satisfied clients. If you have been injured as a result of negligence or involved in a car, motorcycle or truck accident, Robinson & Associates has the dedication, know-how, and financial resources to fight for every dime you are entitled to under the law. We are not afraid of the corporate insurance company and we will not stop fighting for you. If you have questions regarding your injury case, such as:

One the most frequent questions we receive is  if I am in an accident do I need a Maryland car accident lawyer? Despite hearing that question for many years now I’m still surprised to be asked because  in the unfortunate event of an accident there are two things that will become necessary. Number one you will need a car accident lawyer and number two you will want an attorney practices in Maryland so they can go to court for you if and when that becomes necessary. Therefore the answer to the question of “Do I need a car accident lawyer in Maryland?”, the answer is a resounding yes.

In the event that you had a medical problem and needed medical attention, you would not ask if you needed a doctor. Hopefully you would not take your own appendix out and stitch yourself up.  Same applies with car accidents particularly in light of the fact that insurance companies have become increasingly fond of jamming low and inadequate settlement offers down the throats of unsuspecting and unrepresented injured victims.  

The attorneys at Bruce Robinson & Associates aggressively maximize recovery in all forms of personal injury cases including:

Automobile Pedestrian struck
Motorcycle Medical Malpractice/Birth Injury
Truck Dog Bites

A car crash lawyer in Maryland can help you deal with the aggressive and greedy corporate insurance companies and level the playing field for you as they will try to take advantage of you in the absence of an attorney. Some of their evil tricks include attempting to settle or resolve reasonably serious car accidents with some minimal low payment like $500 on the day after the accident of the victim is still recuperating. This translates into greedy corporate America trying to evade their responsibility to people injured in car accidents. In my opinion, this aggressive and usurious tactic should be outlawed by Congress.  The insurance company is offering a minimal amount of money which will hardly cover any medical bills at all and certainly would not cover lost wages and pain-and-suffering damages which are all subject to reimbursement and compensation from the insurance company.

If you need guidance about what to do next or how to handle the insurance company, don’t hesitate to contact us because there is never a cost to you as personal injury and negligence cases are handled on a contingency fee basis meaning there is no fee or expense to you until we win for you. We know you have many questions so we have answered many of the most common ones directly underneath, simply click on the question for detailed information, then call us to discuss your case- we are ready to answer your questions and provide effective, aggressive representation right now!

Client Reviews

You have been exceptionally well represented in this case.
Judge-Howard County

Your lawyer is a Rock Star.
Prosecutor Anne Arundel

Robinson & Associates took my case when nobody else would. Trial resulted in over a quarter million dollars. Yes I recommend.
T. D. Queen Anne’s County

I interviewed many firms and was the most comfortable here. The firm’s communication is fast and they keep you informed.They recovered over a million dollars in my husband’s case.
Retired in Florida

This firm fights! Defendant did not want to pay. They fought & recovered well over a quarter million. If you need a firm that fights, you are in the right place.

I come back to this firm because they are simply the best in the business.

Your lawyer did a Yeomen’s job in this case. I hope you thanked him.
Judge- Harford County Circuit

I don’t know what kind of magic Mr. Robinson performed here….
Judge- Howard County

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$1.1 Million Settlement
Motorcycle Accident
Fatal injuries to the operator of the motorcycle.

$1.1 Million Trial
Failure to Diagnose/Stroke
Fatal Misdiagnosis

$435,000 Trial Verdict
Car Accident resulting shoulder injury and surgery to the shoulder.

$360,000 Mediation
Car Accident
Multiple Injuries. This case was mediated in Frederick Maryland after the defense failed to make any reasonable offer of settlement.

$325,000 Trial Verdict
Truck accident resulting in eye injury. Case tried on the eastern shore after multiple lawyers declined to accept the case. Largest trial verdict in the county at the time of the verdict.

$250,000 Settlement
Motorcycle Accident

$125,000 Settlement
Pedestrian Struck at night crossing street outside the crosswalk result was was fatal injuries. Limited policy of insurance.

An auto accident lawyer based in Maryland knows the rules of law and can force the insurance company to properly recognize all your damages when you are injured in an accident. An attorney will not let them take advantage of the situation like they enjoy doing in order to save themselves and their stockholders money. As an injured victim you need to know that the insurance company is not on your side and that you are entitled to a variety of different types of damages depending on the accident which includes medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, damages for any permanent loss and so forth. If you are involved in an auto accident in Maryland,  the attorneys at Robinson and Associates are ready to take your call and suggest that you do not deal directly with the insurance company and that you do not give them any recorded statements until you have had an opportunity to be properly advised as to the games they play and their evil motivation in taking a recorded statement which is solely to hurt and limit your damages at a later time. If you have a claim in Maryland that you would like to discuss we invite you to call us today.


Why select Robinson & Associates to resolve your car accident case? There are many reasons, beginning with- we are available to help you right now. Our trial attorneys and staff are available anytime, including evenings and weekends to discuss your accident case. We can come to you if you cannot get out. In addition to being accessible, our experienced and proven lawyers demand full compensation from the greedy corporate insurance companies. Unlike many law firms, our attorneys are trial oriented and enjoy going to court in order to force the insurance companies to meet their full responsibility to our clients. Bear in mind that insurance companies rarely pay appropriate compensation for injuries caused by their insured; therefore, we are quick to file suit and take them to court to protect your interests.


Never a cost to you until we win your case. Contact us for a free consultation. We are conveniently located off Beltway 695 at exit 20 in Baltimore County, plenty of free parking. If you cannot get in to see us, we can visit you. Please click to schedule an appointment.

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