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Get Compensated For Medical Bills, Lost Wages and Pain & Suffering

You’ve been injured in an accident and need fair compensation. As Car Accident Lawyers we clearly recognize the pain you are feeling, complicated by the fact that you may not be able to work and have mounting bills. We understand the urgency and we are here to help you reclaim what has been lost. Make no mistake, the insurance company is not here to help you nor are they going to be fair. You need to understand that the insurance company is a “for profit business” and their main goal is to minimize what they pay out on every claim. They are not here to help. Consequently, if they contact you, it is best you do not speak to them as they will record what you say and use it against you later.

The insurance company’s job is to box you into a corner and minimize their exposure to you, ie. minimize what they will have to compensate you. The way they do this is to get you “on record” saying what appears to be innocuous facts but in reality are often harmful admissions. This is done by contacting you very shortly after the accident happens, pretending to be friendly and helpful and asking you to make a recorded statement.

A recorded statement should be your first red flag; why do they need to record your statement? Don’t do it! The reason is because they want to ask you leading and suggestive questions which are against your interest. Then when you answer their questions they have begun to box you in because you are now on record saying things that appear innocuous but in reality are harmful to you. Always bear in the mind that the insurance company is not your friend and you would be well advised not speak with them.

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You are injured and you have legal rights which we will aggressively enforce for you. It is important to note that the insurance company is not in the business of giving money away and they are not your friend, so they will not be helpful. In fact, you may find them to be belittling and frustrating, conveniently forgetting that you are the victim in this case caused by their insured’s negligence. To that end, do not accept any low ball/settle your case now type offers which are only offered to get to go away early. Also, do not give the insurance company any recorded statements, they are just trying to get you to say something against your interest. Contact qualified counsel before making any statements to insurance. Having a  car accident lawyer on your side is critical to your success. We will not accept insurance company behavior and we will be quick to enforce your rights in court, the moment we perceive the insurance company is not acting in good faith. Call Robinson & Associates now for a free case review and evaluation, there is no cost to you for our help until we win your case.

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Retired in FloridaFlorida
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I lost my husband of 30 years in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was my entire world. After the accident I realized he was my entire financial world and that I was in financial trouble. I interviewed many attorneys in Maryland and ultimately chose Robinson & Associates. Mr. Robinson was always available to me and he was very supportive during my dark days. He assured me throughout that I would be fine and in the end, he got me over a million dollars which is now my retirement. Mr. Robinson promised me and he delivered! He got me a new lease on life, avoiding financial ruin and allowed me to retire in Florida. I cannot thank him or his firm enough. This IS the firm you want.
Ron DresherEsq
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I am a bankruptcy and corporate attorney practicing in several states including Maryland. As I do not practice personal injury law, I refer my seriously injured clients to Robinson & Associates. I have known Mr. Robinson for many years and found his dedication to maximizing results for his clients noteworthy. He is always available both to me and to the clients that I refer. He has made multiple home visits to one on my referrals. My clients appreciate the caring assistance they receive and they love the six-figure results they have received thus far.
Karen LevianEsq
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I am a disability lawyer in Maryland. I know the injury attorneys in town and I choose to refer my personal injury and accident cases to Bruce Robinson & Associates. I know my clients will be taken care of and the firm will work relentlessly to obtain the best results possible. In one case I referred Mr. Robinson, the recovery was limited for reasons outside the firm's control. Mr. Robinson waived his fee for the benefit of the client despite having worked on the case for nearly two years. In my experience, the Robinson Firm obtains impressive results and they really do care for their clients.
M.D. FrederickMaryland
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I was in a very serious auto accident which landed me in the hospital for several days and a long painful period of recovery. The insurance company refused to acknowledge or compensate me for the seriousness of my injuries. The defense hired the most aggressive defense firm they could find in Frederick County. I retained Robinson & Associates. We Won! The Judge ended up awarding me well over a quarter million dollars. Evidently, the insurance company hired the wrong firm!
Queen Anne's County
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Dear Bruce: Thank you for taking my case and winning BIG! My case sat for several years because nobody would take it. You took it shortly before limitations ran and got what I am told is one of the largest verdicts in Queen Anne’s County [well into six figures]. I am grateful for the late night and weekend meetings. You are a caring and skilled attorney.

5 Star Testimonials