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Nearly 5 million people are bitten by dogs every year in the United States. While less than half of reported dog bites are severe enough to require ongoing medical attention, dog bites are terrifying and can leave lifelong injuries both physical and emotional. When an unprovoked dog attack occurs , it is the owner of the dog that is responsible for the damages if the animal falls within a class of dangerous animals or if the owner knew or should have known about the dog’s dangerous propensity. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from a dog bite or a domestic animal attack, it is essential for you to understand your legal rights.


 Statutes make the owners of dogs and other potentially dangerous animals liable for injuries that are caused by their pets. Under the law, “owner” is interpreted broadly, including anyone who keeps or harbors a dog, and also covers anyone who knowingly allows a dog to remain on a property that they occupy– owners can legally include landlords or the actual owners of a property in many cases as well as the actual “owner” of the dog. Owners of certain breeds of dogs are held to a strict liability principle for injuries that are caused by their dogs; a dog owner can not claim that they did not know that their dog was dangerous as a defense to liability if they own certain breeds of dogs. This knowledge is considered to be irrelevant by the courts, and it is assumed that certain dogs have the potential to be dangerous. In addition to State laws, local counties and cities have their ordinances that govern a dog owner’s liability for injuries caused by their pets; Cook County’s dog ownership ordinances can be found here.

Training dog bites an object in the hands of the trainer


Dog owners can not be held legally responsible for a person being injured if the injured person was acting to provoke the dog when the injury occurred. Provocation can be either intentional or unintentional, and can include things like teasing or physically harming the dog; in fact, courts have held in some cases that pushing the dog can be a sufficient action to be considered a provocation. A plaintiff that was injured by a dog must show that they did not do anything to provoke the dog that instigated the attack.


law is among the states that recognize that ownership of certain breeds of dogs is dangerous. These kinds of animals are based on specific breed categories such as pit bulls. In certain  counties, city ordinances may restrict the ownership of the pit bull category of dogs, and require that owners carry specific licenses and insurance policies to possess them. Even though animal rights groups argue that classifying certain breeds as dangerous dogs are unfair, pit bulls are disproportionately represented in the statistics of severe injuries and fatalities.


A plaintiff’s ability to recover for injuries sustained from a dog bite is highly dependent on where the bite or attack occurred. Statutes relating to dog bites vary in different states, counties, and municipalities. In the majority of dog bite situations, the suit will be brought against the dog owner, but in some cases, third parties can be involved as well. In addition to physical injuries, a plaintiff in a dog bite case may be able to receive restitution for emotional distress as well: mental anxiety and fear can be compensable if the injured person suffered a physical injury and met various other legal factors. The attorneys at Bruce Robinson & Associates can assist you in determining your rights under the laws , as well as help with insurance claims and requests for compensation.

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I lost my husband of 30 years in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was my entire world. After the accident I realized he was my entire financial world and that I was in financial trouble. I interviewed many attorneys in Maryland and ultimately chose Robinson & Associates. Mr. Robinson was always available to me and he was very supportive during my dark days. He assured me throughout that I would be fine and in the end, he got me over a million dollars which is now my retirement. Mr. Robinson promised me and he delivered! He got me a new lease on life, avoiding financial ruin and allowed me to retire in Florida. I cannot thank him or his firm enough. This IS the firm you want.
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I was in a very serious auto accident which landed me in the hospital for several days and a long painful period of recovery. The insurance company refused to acknowledge or compensate me for the seriousness of my injuries. The defense hired the most aggressive defense firm they could find in Frederick County. I retained Robinson & Associates. We Won! The Judge ended up awarding me well over a quarter million dollars. Evidently, the insurance company hired the wrong firm!
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