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Frequently Asked Questions About Accidents

Glenn Dale’s Preferred Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers

When you or someone you love has been in a motorcycle accident and sustained serious injuries, it’s vital to speak with a motorcycle injury attorney immediately. We’re here for you.


Glenn Dale’s Choice Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal injury lawyers at our firm can help you seek justice on your behalf or for your loved ones by helping you understand what happened on the road. From there, we’ll build a case against the wrongdoer to help offset the astronomical costs of medical expenses. Call us for a free consultation or visit our law office and we will offer legal advice to help you take hold of the situation. You shouldn’t have to live in pain and suffering due to someone else’s wrongful behavior on the road, and our highly experienced team of personal injury lawyers will ensure justice is served. 


Do you need a motorcycle accident attorney?

If you or someone you love has been in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to assess the factors that may have led to the accident. Motorcyclists are highly susceptible to injury on the road in ways that car drivers are not: debris, traffic, and other vehicular drivers who aren’t paying attention can cause devastating accidents, ranging from the more minor road rash to wrongful death. 


If foul play or negligence on the behalf of another driver is suspected or known for sure, it’s important to seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer. With years of experience serving motorcyclists and their families, our Glenn Dale firm will educate you on your rights and possible courses of action to bring justice to the situation. We will ensure that we can prove that a defendant’s actions caused the accident, and get you the financial settlement you need to pay your medical expenses or serve justice to the situation.


Motorcycle Accident Causes 

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is driver negligence. This can range from a true accident to a more tragic instance of road rage, but some causes we’ve seen have included: 


  • Motorcycles can easily be in the blind spot for drivers, so when the driver switches lanes, they hit the motorcyclist
  • At night, motorcycle collisions are more likely to happen if the motorcyclist is not wearing reflective clothing to make themselves visual
  • Whereas a typical car fender bender would be no big deal, a car crashing into the back of a motorcycle can cause serious injury or death
  • Icy, snowy, or rainy conditions that may cause the motorcyclist or a vehicle driver to lose control and crash
  • Road rage or aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving, either from talking or texting on a cell phone, changing the radio, or eating while driving 


Common Motorcycle Injuries In Maryland

While the causes of motorcycle accidents differ widely, there are many possible injuries that can be sustained. Some of them are easily repaired with time and medication, others require surgery, and some can permanently alter the remainder of a victim’s life. These injuries include:


  • Broken bones
  • Brain trauma
  • Contusions
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis
  • Cracked skulls and other head trauma from not wearing a helmet
  • Road rash: a terrible burn that occurs when a motorcyclist is ejected from the motorcycle and their skin makes abrasive contact with the concrete, which can create burns ranging from first degree to third degree


All of these terrible injuries are costly to the victim: not only in pain and suffering, but in medical expenses. With certain severities, motorcycle accident victims are often unable to work to cover costs during their recovery time. Beyond immediate care such as emergency surgeries, emergency room costs, and ambulance costs, other expenses can be far-reaching, perhaps for the remainder of a victim’s life: between physical therapy, wheelchairs, future medical checkups and examinations, the costs to take care of a victim range far into the future. 


Glenn Dale’s Best Personal Injury Law Firm – Robinson & Associates

Our years of experience have equipped us to fight on your behalf and bring your situation to justice. We will investigate the situation and the claims to determine what actually happened and led to the injury. In some cases, it’s not as black and white as driver negligence or purposeful contact. It could come down to the quality of the helmet, or a motorcycle technical malfunction. Once we understand what happened, we will speak with your doctors and medical treatment team to determine the amount of medical expenses you owe immediately and may accrue over your lifetime in relation to your injuries, and use this information in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Through each step, we’ll communicate transparently about the information we become privy to, what your rights are, and how the situation is unfolding. 


Call your Glenn Dale motorcycle accident attorneys today to get started. 

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