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We understand what it means when a loved one places their trust in a medical provider only to have that trust silenced by a serious medical mistake. Robinson & Associates, is a team of Medical Malpractice Birth Injury Lawyers. Our successful medical malpractice team distinguishes itself as we provide injured victims and their family experienced trial attorneys as well as a professional medical staff including a board certified doctor and nurse, working together on the singular goal of obtaining full and fair compensation for our clients.

Rest assured our experienced and friendly trial team will immediately meet with you and answer all your questions, at no charge, in a comfortable and confidential environment. We understand medical negligence cases are intensely personal matters with life changing ramifications; that is why we invest heavily in our resources and maintain a high level of experienced professionals.


Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most wonderful, satisfying and joyful moments in a couples life. While in most cases this is the case, sadly, there are times when medical professionals make mistakes. Whether these errors in judgment are a direct result of negligence and carelessness, or simply an accident, medical professionals are held to a higher standard are must be made accountable for poor decision making and in some cases, filing a claim for medical malpractice for the pain, suffering, additional financial burden and loss that can accompany certain birth injuries.

The term birth injury, also sometimes referred to as a birth trauma, deals with injuries that occur to a newborn baby as a direct result of complications during the labor and delivery process. Some birth injuries are mild and can be healed relatively easily, however, some birth injuries are more severe and require augmented care and treatment, and can even result in the tragedy of losing a child or life long serious disability. Some of the more common birth injuries can include:

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage – This birth form of birth injury causes bands of bright red color around one more both of the baby’s eyes. This birth injury is not serious, and in most cases, the injury disappears of its own accord within one to two weeks after birth.

Forceps Damage and Bruising – With certain deliveries, the use of forceps must be introduced. If these forceps are indeed used, they can cause bruising around the baby’s head. Additionally, kinds of vacuum extraction can cause bruising to the head and in some cases, cause a scalp laceration.

Cephalohematoma – This occurs when there is bleeding between a bone of the fibrous covering that protects it. In most birth injuries, this wound is found on the baby’s head. In extreme cases, jaundice may occur as the red blood cells continue to break down, but, the condition should resolve on its own accord.

Paralysis of the Face – Any time there is pressure paced on the baby’s face during labor, or the use of extreme extraction methods, there may be injury to the baby’s facial nerves. If the nerve is simply bruised, it will heal within a few weeks, however, if there is actual nerve damage, surgical repair may be necessary in order to restore the damaged nerves.

Brachial Palsy Injuries – This injury occurs when the nerves in the arms and hands are injured. This injury is most commonly seen when the baby is hindered during delivery from its own shoulders do not allow enough room to enter into the birth canal. In mild cases, the injury causes only moderate bruising that will heal naturally within a few weeks. In more extreme cases, surgery and physical therapy may be required to restore the damaged nerves.

Broken Bones – Bones can often break during delivery. The most common of these occurs to the collar bone during difficult breech births or complex delivery. This injury can be treated and the baby can recover fully.
In some of these birth injuries, medical error is at fault. Some of these errors that might support a medical malpractice case can include:

Failure to foresee and react to birth labor and delivery complications

Hindering a timely C-Section

The misuse of forceps

Disbursing or mishandling certain medications during pregnancy, labor or delivery
The long term effects of these birth injuries can be devastating to a new family, both financially and emotionally. The costs can be incessant, as is the pain, frustration and confusion that can accompany some of these birth injuries. The best course of action is to obtain legal counsel and get solid advice on an unyielding plan of action and to remain steadfast and united as a family and as parents.

Contact us so we can immediately provide answers to your questions such as:

What to do about mounting medical bills associated with a negligent and harmful medical procedure,
What to do about lost wages or income that is no longer being received in your household,
Whether you should communicate with the doctor that caused the injury,
Whether you should seek out another doctor and what to do regarding future bills related to this medical mistake.

Following the devastation of a serious medical mistake, a decision must be made as to how to select the best medical malpractice law firm for you and your family; since there is no shortage of attorneys on the Internet, the decision can be appear daunting at first. However, it is important to select a malpractice trial team that has the widest and deepest breath of medical knowledge and resources available to help you and your family. A team that consists of lawyers, physicians and nurses is an aggressive and intelligent decision which is necessary when dealing with an insurance industry that will do nearly anything to defeat a victim’s claim.

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