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Frequently Asked Questions About Accidents

North Laurel’s Top Car Accident Lawyers

A car accident can be the worst day of your life, causing far-reaching damage to you, your passengers, and your car. Trust us, North Laurel’s top attorneys, to help you. 

Injured in a car accident? 

Paying medical expenses and working with insurance companies for your car and health insurance is often too overwhelming in the midst of the emotional and psychological toll that car accidents can take. From our years of experience in the business, we know exactly how insurance companies work. Too often, they work harder to minimize their own costs on your claim rather than to assist their customers. In addition to handling insurance companies, we know many situations, caused by drunk drivers, road rage, or negligent drivers, can require personal injury lawsuits to recoup costs for medical expenses. Regardless of how your car accident came to pass, we have the resources and knowledge to assist you through this challenging time.

First, here is a list of the five immediate actions to take following an auto accident. 

  1. Insist that a police report is made on the spot, even if there are no immediate injuries or apparent damage. Police reports are usually done at the scene if accidents are very serious. Regardless, make sure all objective details of what happened and what damages happened are recorded immediately.
  2. To assist in recording this information, take pictures of the cars before they are moved or towed away so you have an accurate piece of evidence of what the damage was to both cars.
  3. If witnesses were present, make sure to get their contact information and ask for their pictures, too. Cases can quickly become games of “he said, she said” – so if there was a witness on the scene that can testify to what happened, it’s important to be able to contact them and get their testimony. Witnesses can make or break cases.
  4. Even if you think you should immediately talk to your insurance company, we strongly advise you not to. Many make the common mistake of talking to their insurance companies without legal advice and end up saying things that insurance companies can hold against them in court. We know the tactics insurance companies use to ensure you do not get personal injury rewards or anything close to the maximum compensation you deserve, so we strongly suggest that you have your lawyer handle your personal claim on the phone call.
  5. Which of course entails to contact a personal injury car accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. We skip the bureaucratic red tape process that insurance companies will put you through and start a plan of action to file suit. In court, we make sure we earn you your maximum compensation.

Meet North Laurel’s Trusted Auto Accidents Lawyers

With over three decades of experience, we are proud to have successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients in car accident cases. Our top tier lawyers at our North Laurel, Maryland-based law firm have a stellar track record of helping people like you who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident regain the money they rightfully deserve so that they can pay off medical expenses, fight the insurance companies on car insurance, and cover worker’s compensation. 

Ms. Alexandra Miller, another one of our top car accident attorneys at our law office, focuses on personal injury cases matters from serious car accidents, and knows the ins and outs of Maryland’s courts and legal services in its entirety. She previously worked at the Maryland Judiciary where she trained Maryland’s judges in the law, wrote the Clerk’s Manual for the courts’ civil clerks and oversaw Maryland’s specialized legal services programs. 

We pride ourselves on making ourselves available to our clients and potential clients all hours of the day, because we know that car accidents never happen when we’re expecting them. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, legal advice from our law office is available to you at our office – which means no more leaving a message and waiting for a call back on Monday. If you have been injured in an accident, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. We know how dire these situations are and promise to be there for you with legal advice every step of the process.

Injury Lawyers That Help You Gain Maximum Compensation

Our law firm specializes in helping our clients file car accident claims. Often, when someone tries to do it on their own, they run into continuous problems and often do not get nearly what they deserve from the insurance companies. Maryland happens to be one of the only four pure contributory negligence states, which means that if you share any blame of the wreck (even to the smallest degree) you are not subject to any compensation. This is where things often get tricky. It’s not hard for insurance companies or others involved to make claims that you, in fact, were to blame for some part of the car accident – even if they try to say your eyes were not on the road. Another common situation includes red light accidents. If you thought you could make a yellow light and were hit by another driver, it could be claimed that you were running a red light, and you would not be able to recoup any compensation. Whether you were to blame or not, you should still be subject to financial compensation. Our team will fight to ensure that you get what you deserve, as we have done with an abundance of other car accident cases.

Common Questions About Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

  1. Q: Do I need to hire a Maryland-based lawyer? 

A: Yes, even if you know a lawyer in another state, if your car accident occurred in Maryland it’s important to hire a Maryland personal injury lawyer for insurance company purposes. Your insurance company know when lawyers cannot practice law in Maryland and can use it against you. Robinson & Associates is based in Maryland, and we understand how Maryland differs from other states. Our intricate understanding of how insurance companies and the courts work has equipped us to navigate your case for your utmost benefit.

  1. Q: What do I do if I was the victim of a hit and run? Can I still file a claim? 

A: Yes, you can and should still file an insurance claim if your accident was a hit and run, because unfortunately this happens more than you would think. Not only will we advise you to make a police report so they can try to find who was responsible, but we will advise you to share the honest truth with your insurance company because the car accident was not your fault. If they believe it was your fault, you will not get the maximum compensation necessary to pay back your property damage, personal injuries, and workers compensation.

  1. Q: What is a PiP? Do I need one?

A: A PiP stands for Personal Injury Protection, and is an add-on option for your insurance policy. The standard coverage addition can be around $2,500 for medical bills and lost wages. It’s important to make a claim for PiP even if the accident was the other person’s fault – it’s essentially “free money” you can claim in the case of an auto accident.

  1. Q: Do I still need a lawyer if the car accident was not my fault?

A: Absolutely. Even if the insurance company offers you a claim the day after the accident, they will likely only offer $2,500, which may not be nearly enough to cover all of your medical and property damage expenses. When an insurance company makes an insurance claim offer, they never offer maximum compensation unless a lawyer is working on the case for you. Worse, many insurance companies may offer the claim quickly, but then you may experience major delays in actually receiving the money. The insurance company has all of the power in this case. We will work with you to make sure your money is paid quickly and on time — and that it’s the exact amount of money required to recoup costs from medical expenses and property damage.

  1. Q: Should I speak to Defendant’s Insurance?

A: Absolutely not. Your attorney should handle all conversations with your insurance company. Defendant’s Insurance is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing: you think you’re getting help, but everything you say can and will be used against you so that the insurance company can get out of paying you what you’re owed. Whatever you do, be sure your accidents lawyer navigates that conversation on your behalf.

  1. Q: What is my case worth?

A: Your case value equation is very hard to determine and, as you can imagine, it can only be judged with the proper amount of information. It depends on your injuries and the medical expenses they ensue. It’s important to take diligent notes and documentation of the injury and advice from the doctor to determine the financial worth of your personal injury claim, including what workers compensation should be rewarded as an extent of your personal injuries.

Call Your North Laurel Car Accident Attorneys Today

No matter how your car accident happened, we are equipped to help you navigate the process with your insurance companies and anyone else involved in the crash. While the Maryland statute of limitations on pursuing a financial claim from an auto accident is three years, we strongly recommend pursuing legal action as soon as possible. Speak our team any time of the day for legal advice, and we will help you get the financial compensation you deserve.


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