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Personal Injury covers a wide array of injuries that a person can suffer at the hands of another. Personal injury as a whole includes all form of negligent conduct that results in injury to a third party. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a car, motorcycle or truck, including bicycle and pedestrian accidents were motor vehicles are concerned, we can help you recover. We also handle dog bite cases.

Personal injury also involves medical malpractice, where a trusted physician, hospital or medical provider has failed to meet his professional responsibility, and a loved one was injured or died as a result. If you suspect medical malpractice due to a birth injury such as cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or shoulder dystocia, we have a doctor and nurse on staff that can review your case and let you know if you have an actionable medical malpractice claim. Medical malpractice cases are lengthy and expensive to bring to court because there is so much money at stake. The insurance company that insures doctors does not just roll over and pay for claims, even if they are clear. They fight and you must have a law firm that is ready to advance the fight for you. We can sort through the intricate details of your case and let you know where you stand and how to proceed, all at no cost to you.

Why you need A Personal Injury Attorney

A qualified personal injury attorney will ensure that you’re fairly compensated for the harms and losses you sustain at the hands of a negligent third party. While technically it’s possible to file a personal injury claim all on your own, it’s a terrible idea. Why? Because the insurance company lawyers that you will be up against in court or even the adjusters working for the insurance company, handle thousands of cases per year every year. They know the ins and outs of a negligence case, and they know how to minimize the value of your case.
Conversely, a qualified personal injury lawyer knows how to properly prepare and present your case so that the fact finder can fairly compensate you for your losses. An attorney who is well versed in the law will understand what you should be receiving for compensation for your injury, loss of employment (if you miss work due to your injuries), loss of your vehicle and pain and suffering including permanent damage. Large, greedy corporate insurance companies are going to try and get you to sign off on your case as quickly as possible to try and save themselves as much money as possible. Never sign anything without first consulting with your attorney because any fast and low settlement the insurance company is offering you to go away is not in your best interest. If they are contributing to you, it is solely in their best interest.

Car Accident

There are different varieties of a car accident. Some car accidents, severe or catastrophic accidents can result in broken bones and severe conditions that can be observed the minute you arrive at the hospital. Other types of injuries may not be so clear. It is a widespread occurrence to be involved in an accident and not feel any pain or limitation in motion for several days. This can be tricky of the defendant’s insurance company calls you up and offers you a cheap settlement. You might think that sounds like a good idea, but come to find out three days later that you’re actually injured and now suffering in a lot of pain. Thus, it would help if you did not deal directly with the insurance company nor should you settle anything until ample time has gone by for you to understand the nature and extent of your injuries fully.

This is another reason that it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney that handles car accident cases. There are lots of little nuances like this that need to be avoided. It’s tempting when everyone is bombarding you to sign documents to just sign and be done with it, however, signing too early will significantly reduce the compensation that you deserve.

If you’ve been involved in an accident and are faced with costly medical bills, if you’ve lost wages due to having to stay homes, call us now for a full and free evaluation of your case. We can give you a better understanding of your potential for future medical costs and the future loss of wages due to the nature and extent of your injuries. We can help you understand the potential for long-term or permanent disability that should be considered due to the injuries of the car accident.

Truck Accident

Robinson and Associates have been handling severe truck accidents for years. The first and obvious thing regarding truck accidents is that they tend to be very serious and the injuries are often catastrophic at frequently include loss of life. When 18 wheel trucks are involved carrying their payload they have blind spots that they are unable to see around and the weight of the truck and the cargo makes it nearly impossible to stop and avoid a potential collision. Whereas regular passenger vehicles cars and even motorcycles can potentially prevent a collision, an 18 wheel truck does not have the same luxury. Consequently, when you are struck by a truck, the weight of the vehicle causes significant damage to the person and property in the car.

The most recent truck accident that we handled in Baltimore Maryland one Beltway 695 resulted in the passenger car catching on fire and completely disintegrating in the ensuing conflagration. The physician that was driving the passenger car came within seconds of losing her life in the collision and the fire that resulted.

Is important to note that trucking accidents are not like normal accidents in that they are far more complicated to pursue. There are federal regulations that must be followed by the trucking company, and a qualified attorney must be aware of these regulations and how they impact the driver and owner of the truck. Also, most modern trucks have black boxes which monitor their movement including speed and direction of travel as well as breaking of the truck. Additional complexities deal with insurance on the truck and its cargo. Trucks are generally required to maintain a minimum policy of $1 million but often they have other insurance to cover the load that they may be hauling.

Other issues that arise in truck accident cases have to do with the hiring, training, and retention of truck drivers by the trucking company. Often we are shocked and surprised to see the driving record of a truck driver that is involved in a collision. A truck drivers driving record is relevant regarding negligent hiring trucking companies may do if they need drivers in a hurry. If trucking companies are behind in their deliveries, they may cut corners regarding “hiring” qualified drivers. These are all critical issues that need to be carefully looked at in a trucking case to locate all insurances that may be available to satisfy a severe claim for damages.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are severe and devastating. And Robinson and Associates are attorneys and are paralegals are licensed motorcycle riders. We understand the fun and freedom of operating a steel horse in the open wind of Maryland’s roadways. But after practicing law for 25 years in Baltimore Maryland, we have come to know the downside of motorcycle accidents when it’s motorcycle versus a car.

One of the most significant problems affecting motorcycle riders aside from the negligence of surrounding cars is those motorcycle riders hardly ever have adequate insurance on their bikes. At Robinson and Associates, we scream from the mountain tops that all motorcycle riders should increase the limits of their policies as high as they can reasonably afford and here’s why. When a motorcycle rider is struck by any motor vehicle be at a car or truck or even a dog, the rider of the motorcycle is typically ejected from his machine and flies through the air coming to rest on the concrete road surface and hopefully that writer is not struck by another motor vehicle in the process. As a result of the abrupt separation from the motorcycle followed by the hard landing on the road surface broken bones and substantial catastrophic internal injuries are the average results. Additionally, the medical bills associated with these types of injuries are in the tens of thousands of dollars and can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars where there is permanent or irreversible damage. This, unfortunately, is a common occurrence where motorcycles are involved, and motorcycle riders should fully understand the risk of operating their iron horses on Baltimore’s roadways.

Riding out west or down south where the roadways are far more open and opposing cars can easily be seen and avoided make for a much safer and pleasant experience. But when writing in Baltimore Maryland, the writer must take every precaution including helmet and heavy leather but also must consider the precaution of adequate and significant motorcycle insurance because oftentimes, all too often, the defendant vehicle that causes the collision and the catastrophic injuries does not have sufficient insurance to cover all the harms and losses they cause. The only guaranteed way to protect yourself from a financial catastrophe is to make sure that you are adequately insured with your own company for any unexpected accidents and collisions that may result from your enjoyment of your motorcycle. Please feel free to call if you have questions regarding an accident or insurance issues.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries in Maryland are very scary and can have long-term ramifications emotionally, physically and financially. The law in Maryland is interesting as it relates to dog bites because it is different depending on the variety of the dog. Certain dogs are considered dangerous by nature and therefore if and when they attack a person or a child the owner of the animal is held to a strict liability standard. Strict liability means that no negligence on the part of the owner needs to be proven relative to the dog because the dog is essentially considered a dangerous animal. A pitbull falls into the category of hazardous animals as these animals are known to injure humans and dogs alike frequently seriously. If a pit bull bites you, then you do not have to prove any further negligence issues as to the propensity of that animal. Instead, you only need to submit evidence as to the damages sustained as a direct result of the animal biting the person.

Conversely, the great majority of dogs are not considered strict liability predators like a pit bull. For example, a German Shepherd or a golden retriever are regarded in the eyes of the law to be normal domesticated pets. There are times, however, when a dog such as this decides to bite a human for some unknown reason. If a dog not on the predator list of animals were to bite a person the law may protect the animal and its owner if this is a first-time offense. It’s almost like the dog gets it one free bite at the apple so to speak. Conversely, if the injured party can find proof that this animal has already bitten another person, then they have exercised their one free bite rule, and now that owner of the animal would be subject to compensation for damages resulting from the attack.

The other important thing to know about animal bites and the resulting injuries are that homeowners insurance and some rental insurances will pay for the injury and damages caused by an animal. Some insurance policies may exclude dangerous predator animals like pit bulls from their policies, but other more domesticated animals very well may be insured. Thus, if a loved one is bitten by an animal contact Robinson and Associates for a full, complete and free evaluation of your case and further advice on how we can assist in this situation.

Bicycle Accidents

Much like motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents when vehicles are involved can be similarly dangerous and result in broken bones and internal injuries. Apparently without the benefit of a frame around the rider, when a car makes a turn into a bicycle, the rider is ejected onto the hard asphalt. Common injuries resulting from these types of accidents are broken arms, broken legs, and broken ribs. Broken ribs can sometimes be more severe because sometimes they puncture internal organs which is unsafe. Aside from the injury from an internal organ, it is not always clear that along or other organ has been assaulted by a rib and thus internal bleeding or another injury undiagnosed can result.

One of the most serious types of injuries that results from a bicycle accident our head injuries. Injuries to an unprotected head can be extremely serious and result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Traumatic brain injuries from bicycle accidents occur when the head smashes against a concrete surface such as the curb when the bicycle rider is ejected in the collision. A traumatic brain injury in a bicycle accident is something that medical providers are trained to look for when a rider complains of a head injury or a headache. These are often accompanied by brain bleeds or internal bleeding in the skull which is an equally dangerous situation as blood build up inside the head can apply pressure to the brain which must be relieved, or the injured rider could suffer a stroke and die from their injuries. Consequently if one is going to ride a bicycle on Maryland’s roads is highly recommended that the simple precaution of a certified helmet be worn to protect the head and brain of the bicycle rider.

Having recognized the dangers of bicycle riding obviously the automobile insurance from the offending vehicle would be primary to cover such traumatic injuries but if it was determined that there was inadequate insurance to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and permanent injury resulting from a bicycle accident then one could look at their underinsured motorist coverage from their car policy even though they were not driving a car at the time of the bike accident. That is one of the benefits of car insurance in that it protects you against injuries from vehicles even if you are not operating a motor vehicle at the time of the accident.

It is important to keep your bicycle abnormal operating condition concerning breaks and tire pressure and chain etc. which can hopefully minimize the advent of an accident. However, sometimes a car and bicycle collisions are unavoidable as a result of the negligent operation of the motor vehicle or in some cases the bicycle rider. For example, it is incumbent upon a bicycle rider to stay in their designated lane of travel and to properly evidence their desire to change lanes before doing so. If a bicycle rider violates the rules of the road and is subsequently struck by a car as a result of the bicycle riders negligence than the rider can be denied compensation as a result of the accident. If you are involved in a bicycle accident and desire additional information, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are very unfortunate because when a person is struck by a motor vehicle, the pedestrian loses to the car every time, even if the walker is legally correct. In other words, it is still a bad idea to be right but at the same time seriously injured. The way these accidents come to pass is when a pedestrian sees a vehicle coming and walks in the designated crosswalk area and assumes that the car will stop. Sometimes car operators are not looking for pedestrians, and when a careless driver is not looking for a pedestrian, sometimes drivers do not see them. Other types of pedestrian accidents that happen all too frequently are from distracted driving.

Distracted driving nowadays typically means a driver is looking and texting on their cell phone or engaged in a phone conversation and not paying attention to the road in front of them. This type of distracted driving results in car accidents every single day of the week because people do not pay attention the way they should and avoidable accidents produce. It’s unfortunate when one car rear-ends another car in the unavoidable accident, but it is horrifying if a driver is not paying attention and runs over a pedestrian in broad daylight in a crosswalk which does happen.

If an injured pedestrian survives the contact with the car and then the subsequent contact with the concrete the typical injuries include traumatic brain injury, fractured hips, fractured arms, and fractured legs. When the vehicle initially strikes the pedestrian that is where a broken hip immediately comes into play as the hip is crushed by the car and then as a result of the force applied by the vehicle the pedestrian is ejected in the air only to land on the hard concrete surface.

As with bicycle accidents, the injuries and damages from a pedestrian accident are initially paid by the offending vehicle. That would include personal injury protection as well which will cover medical bills typically up to the first $2500. Some people carry additional personal injury protection, and the pedestrian would have access to any other monies as well. If it was later determined that the offending vehicle did not have ample insurance to cover the catastrophic losses to the pedestrian, then the pedestrian’s own car insurance company might step up in that circumstance and provide additional compensation to the pedestrian if they have ample insurance coverage. If you are loved one was struck as a pedestrian we encourage you to call Robinson Associates for a free consultation.

Final Tips For Selecting The Best Attorney

Do some research into the attorney or law firm you are considering and don’t hire an attorney just because you find their name in a phone book or worse, because you saw them on TV. Ask for the attorney’s credentials and make sure that they have successfully concluded cases similar to yours before you retain them. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions in terms of how long have they practiced law, is personal injury practice a primary part of what they do and are they experienced in the type of accident or injury that you sustained. Many attorneys have different fields of expertise within the area of personal injury. Find out what your attorney’s field is before you hire them. You should also read reviews online and see what others say about the particular attorney you are considering hiring. There are lots of reviews out there for good lawyers. Not every single review is likely to be good, but if they overwhelming number of reviews is good, the lawyer is probably a good choice. Conversely, are they overbooked and do they have time to speak with you on the phone or in person? You want an attorney that has plenty of time for your case. If they seem too busy or they don’t seem to care, then keep looking. Interaction is a tremendous telltale sign of whether or not you can work with an attorney. Sometimes, personality conflicts can get in the way. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular personality type with the potential attorney, then find someone else that you don’t feel uncomfortable with. There are many factors to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney. You’ll want to find the attorney that makes you feel confident and comfortable sharing with, and that can win your case with the least amount of stress possible. By choosing the right personal injury attorney, you’ll be much more likely to receive decent and fair compensation for your injuries and you’ll be far more likely to get your compensation in a timely fashion.

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