Rich Martino

Mr. Martino joins the firm from Florida. We are happy to have him on the personal injury team as he brings decades of knowledge in the personal injury, car accident and motorcycle accident arena to our clients.

He has been helping injured victims of accidents for over 20 years and brings a vast knowledge of the law and facts to the table. He is very well versed in working with the insurance company adjusters and does not hesitate to do battle with them when necessary. His decades of experience, which overshadows what most insurance company adjusters have, gives Mr. Martino a high level of comfort when helping them understand the true merits of our client’s case.

The interesting thing about Mr. Martino is that he is an avid motorcycle rider from his days in Florida. When it comes to assisting victims of motorcycle accidents, we are confident that there is nobody better. He knows the motorcycles, he knows the law regarding motorcycles and he is able to speak the same language that our motorcycle riding clients speak. He is very comforting to our clients yet equally aggressive at resolving issues for cycle and car accident victims.

Mr. Martino takes significant pride in the work that he does. He enjoys the opportunity to assist all accident clients and he is very eager to jump on the phone when it rings and get the clients on track quickly and manage the insurance company adjusters when they go off track.

If you were injured in an accident, reach out to Mr. Martino, he will be the first one to pick up the phone in most cases and will be very eager to discuss your case and work out issues that may be troubling you. If an adjuster is giving you a hard time, denying your claim, low balling your settlement, Mr. Marino and Robinson & Associates is your team!

Contact Information:

25 Hooks Ln #302
Baltimore, Maryland 21208