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Statistics show that roughly 150 workers die each day in the U.S from work-related injuries and accidents. Likewise, roughly 3 million people get injured in their respective line of work.

Happily, there is a Workers’ Compensation system in Maryland that can be used to compensate victims of workplace resulting in lost days from work, permanent injuries or death. The compensation system is complicated however and can take a long time to resolve favorably for the injured party. It is for this reason that a capable compensation attorney is needed to help you navigate the pitfalls.

Robinson & Associates attorneys can help you with work-related injuries. Our lawyers are experienced at representing victims of job site injuries as well as their families. We can help you steer through the maze of getting full compensation from the Maryland Workers compensation system so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits which you deserve. We are also skilled at navigating through insurance companies whose sole mission is to delay and deny your claim; our lawyers work tirelessly to help you get the recovery which is due to you.

Things to Note about the Maryland Workers Compensation System

There are specific requirements you must meet to be eligible for the benefits. First, compensation is available to every Maryland worker injured in the course of work; it doesn’t matter whether they were involved in causing the accident or not.

Victims who develop occupational diseases or injuries and those who’ve lost a family member due to a work-related accident are also entitled to the compensation. You should contact us today for a free evaluation to determine whether you qualify for the Maryland Worker’s compensation benefits as a result of your injury.

Importance of filing a timely compensation case

Following your injury at work, it’s recommended that you file a First Notice of Injury claim form to within four days after the injury/accident. If you miss certain deadlines, then your claim may be delayed, or benefits can be lost.

In cases where you are badly hurt and are unable to file the appropriate form for an extended period of time, contacting Robinson & Associates may be instrumental in protecting your rights as an injured worker. Our lawyers can file the claim form for you with the commission and thereby notify your employer of the injury.

After filing your claim with the Worker’s Compensation Commission, they will notify your Employer of the claim and subsequently, notify the Employer’s insurance provider about your injury. This process is known as the Employer’s First Report of Injury and is necessary to commence your worker’s compensation claim. The insurer will then have a maximum of 20 days after the report has been submitted to provide a claim decision. This may either be a Liability Admission where the benefits are approved, or denial of benefits also known as Notice of Contest.

Points to Remember About Insurance Companies

In many cases, insurance companies do not side with injured workers since they want to minimize the number of successful claims that they have to pay out. Their interest is protecting their bottom line. Therefore, they may undervalue your Worker’s Compensation benefits, or even find ways to attempt to deny your claim regardless of whether it’s legitimate.

Having Robinson & Associates on your side while pursuing these benefits is crucial as we will ensure that your rights are protected, including your entitlement to full and appropriate compensation.

If you have been injured at work, diagnosed with a job-related illness or lost a relative due to an accident at work, you can rely on our lawyers for skilled assistance in getting your benefits.
We have knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who are ready to advocate for your rights as a victim of work-related injury.

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We are conveniently based in Maryland, and our lawyers provide representation throughout the State including Howard County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Frederick County, and others. Call today for help.

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